Define Starry Night Meaning

Starry Night
Shot containing 1/2 jagermeister and 1/2 goldschlager poured into same shot glass. Resembles a starry night sky.

I was so fucked on starry nights that i peed on my computer when i got home last night.
By Eden
Starry Night
A cup formation in beer pong in which the team must be incredibly cocky to ask for during a re-rack. Instead of a triangle or a diamond formation, the starry night is the remaining cups spread out and not close to eachother at all, hence the cups are like stars, and the table is the night sky.

Are you serious? We got a starry night and still beat you guys by 4 cups? Go kill yourselves.
By Betteann
Starry Night
When a male is having sex with a woman, he pretends to ejaculate onto a woman's back but instead discretely breaks open a glow stick and drops some of that liquid onto her back to simulate the ejaculation. The man instructs the woman to look at her back in the mirror, where she will see the the "starry night" he appears to have created on her back.

Man: "Look, baby, it's a starry night out" ::points to mirror::

Partner: "What the fuck is wrong with you?"
By Charil
Starry Night
Named after the famous Van Gogh painting. When you're in bed with a woman, cum in her left ear and as she begins to freak out punch her in the face then pull the bed sheet over her head.

I pulled a Starry Night on her!
By Leontine
Starry Night
The act of cuming on a very dark skinned woman's face, giving the appearance of a dark summer night sparkling with the light of a hundred stars (a la Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting, Starry Night).

That chick Tyreesha is a total slut, she let me Starry Night all over her face last night.
By Gabbey