Define Stella Meaning

Stella is a really beautiful girl with lots of friends Stella is one the funniest people you know she is one of those people you can tell anything and she will understand.

Sara: She is my dream friend

Kelly: Oh she's a Stella
By Moria
good at flirting with boys; pretty; loves people who can understand her

stella loves ocean because he understands her.
By Nola
a whole asss wife, snack, beautiful, perfect, and jst 😍😍🤤😤

she’s such a stella damn
By Rebbecca
a dreamgirl; a fairy; Queen of stars

a guy, as soon as he realizes her dream mate in front of him: "She is the Stella of my dreams!"
By Minnaminnie
the most beautiful girl ever, usually tall and very fair. has an amazing smile, lovely hair and the most complete features a girl could possess.
always threatens to cry if anything happens like a baby. skin as smooth as a cat and smells very good. a good kisser.

most of the time the most wanted girl in school because of her beauty and personality. has many friends.


boy 1 : damn look at that girl, she must be stella
boy 2 : seeing from her features and her height, she definitely is a stella


"hey did you see how beautiful stella looked today in school?"
"she's stella dude, she never doesn't look beautiful"


Jealous girl 1:"ah damn i wish i had stella's hair"
Jealous girl 2:"i wish i had her everything, she's the most beautiful girl around"
By Eolande
1.) A classy, flirty young woman

2.)Playful, a tease

No wonder all the guys are after her, shes a total stella
By Ardisj

From Amy Winehouse song "You Know I'm No Good":

"Hand me your Stella and fly..."
By Alena
comedy troupe consisting of a)michael showalter, b)michael ian black, and c)david wain. very funny, and very cute. and all three members are jewish. you should definitely watch their show and/or shorts sometime.

stella is the best show on comedy central, besides the daily show.
By Corilla
stella is the kind of girl that once you really get to know her that she will be your best friend ever. at first, she may seem quiet and shy, but her true personality is very crazy and funny. she is normally short, but extremely pretty. once you become friends with a stella, you will never ever want to leave her. stellas are the best ever, they are also very talented

ex. “stella makes me laugh so hard dude”
By Jacinthe
1. A girl who's a tease but doesn't really put out.
2. The shortened name of a song by one of the best bands
of all time, Interpol. ("Stella Was A Diver And She's
Always Down").
3. A character in the movie Detroit Rock City.
4. A cool pornstar-sounding name/nickname.

"Dude, Ashley said yes when I asked her out."
"If you're lookin for pussy you're stupid. She's a total stella".
By Annalise