Define Sticks Meaning


By Marylynne
Xanax (alprazolam) in 2 mg pills. They are called sticks because the shape, it looks like 4 small squares in a row in the shape of a stick.

Yo nigga, you got any sticks
By Arleyne
Video game controllers.

Yo hop on the sticks so i can beat you one more time in tekken.
By Juditha
A slang terms used for a drug call xanax.

By Cassaundra
blunts or cigars to roll up weed with

By Cortney
1) Weed stems
2) Anywhere far away from the crib

1) pick out these damn sticks for me
2) Damn j0! we out in the sticks!
By Petrina
Commonly used to describe a bag of weed sold in a little bag, for $25 or $50. Mostly used in Western Australia and other parts of Australia.

"Hey mate, have you got any sticks for sale?"
By Ilysa
In the film & video production and television business, a camera tripod.

Hey Sean, grab the sticks so we can set up this two-shot!
By Christal
Crayons, usually a classic crayola 8 pack

Yo I'm packin mad sticks, imma put down mad wax in a minute.
By Bettine
1. skinny people
2. stick insects
3. grow on trees
4. can be used to cause harm

1. oh dear. shes a stick (victoria beckham)
2. my stick is called leroy
3. the big things that are green
4. ouch! you hit me with sticks
By Sophey