Define Strangling Meaning

Lacking crucial information, time, money, or energy.

My baby mama asked for that child support, but I said, "I'll get it to you in a week, I'm strangling right now."
By Brinn
Choke by putting hands or something else around the neck.

Strangle my mother and I'll spray your brains all over that wall.
By Jennette
Strangle Toe
When the Big Toe manages to squeeze through a newly formed hole in the sock, but then finds itself stuck there, being choked to death by the sock, until the shoe is removed and it can be manually released.

The strangle toe commonly occurs with men's dress socks, which are ridiculously thin.

See also double strangle toe.

I had the worst day at work today. I got strangle toe and kept having to go to the bathroom to remove my shoe and release my toe. I need to get some new socks before I lose a toenail.
By Dorita
Strangle Bate
Also known as autoerotic asphyxiation.

During masturbation, the masturbator will choke away his own oxygen to enhance the orgasm.

It is believed the pain/sensation increases the amount of chemicals released in the brain during intercourse, hence making it so much more fun by yourself.

I almost killed myself stranglebating last night. Jesus I need a girlfriend.
By Aubrie
Strangling A Cat
when someone is singing very badly...
as in the sound a cat would make if you where choking it.

(in a kareoke bar)..

"Jesus Christ! Is someone strangling a cat?!"
By Darice
Strangle The Dangle
Quite literally, masterbation. Also known as choking the chicken, whackin off, firing off knuckle children, etc.

By Bonny
Seatbelt Strangle
A seatbelt strangle is when your seatbelt decides not to let you free, and every time you try and move so it loosens, it only gets tighter. Ususally this occurs when you try and loosen the seatbelt aaalll the way, to the point where it wont go any farther-the belt will slide back into place, and suddenly you find that you wont be able to lean forward. Because of this trapped feeling, you start to panic and hyperventilate and soon need the help of another to unbuckle you, and save you from the Seatbelt Strangle hold.

Afterward you are ususally exhilarated and happy that you defeated an inanimate object and escaped the clutches of teh Seatbelt Strangle.

passenger: (pulls seatbelt to full extent) AhHHHHH!!! help! The seatbelt has got me! i cant move!!!
passenger 2: I'll save you!
passenger 1: AAAHHHH!! quick, i cant breath!
Passenger 2: (unbuckles belt)
passenger 1: thanks man, you totally saved my life.
Passenger 2: yeah, that was one heavy-duty seatbelt strangle you were in.
By Nalani
Strangling Kojak
Choking the chicken
Beating the bishop
Taking matters into your own hands
Holding your sausage hostage
Having a date with Pam and her five friends
Having a tug-o-war with the cyclops

I couldnt catch any chickenheads last night. So, I went home and strangled Kojak whilst the dog licked my balls
By Kylie
Strangle A Badger

Guy 1: Im sorry man but i once strangled a badger over your Girlfriends Facebook....

Guy 2: WHY!!!!!!

Guy 3: Strangle a badger? I may try this out.
By Merrielle
Strangle Kojak
when a guy is alone he might want some love - no girls around he'll have to strangle Kojak.
see masturbate

"hey honey im going out for a while"
"alright time to get out my playboy and Strangle Kojak"
By Celestina