Define Stress Meaning

shitty ass weed. also known as schwag

cali term i think.

I dont want this stress, it has fuckin seeds! Pass that hydro
By Goldia
its a california slang term which defines a type of weed that is so shitty it causes "stress". the slang originated from the outskirts of southern californian beaches which was passed along until it reached the main cities. many tourists come to CA looking for bomb ass chronic, or chron, but end up with stress because they don't understand CA slang.

Person A: Dude i bought this bomb ass chronic for a tight ass price from a dude that's in my Bio class dude...
Person B: What the fuck are u talkin' about dude... that shit's haggard as fuck... look at it!
Person A: ur right dude it looks shitty... it's not even furry and fluffy dude.. what should i do dude
Person B: it's ur fault.. dude.. u bought stress u fucking idiot

Tourist: hi im from Canada!
Cali pothead dude: that's chill...
Tourist: u got weed, eh?
Cali pothead dude: maybe..... what u lookin for dude.. i mite got what u need
Tourist: im looking for something that might help my "stress"
Cali pothead dude: so ur looking for stress?
Tourist: ??? yeah yeah wutever dude yeah ???
Cali pothead dude: haha 25 bucks a gram dude
Tourist: wut the fuck this is shitty!!!!!
Cali pothead dude: ur face is haggard
By Mirilla

Stay away from that stress
By Nanine
Pretty much the crapiest weed around. It's usually brown, dry, and full of seeds. It doesn't have that nice, danky weed smell either. Doesn't get you very high unless you smoke a shit load of it and even then, you can only get so high off of it. Stress is also known for giving you a headache and making you sleepy during the come-down. The only plus about stress is that you get a lot of it for cheap, but most people don't even want a lot of stress. Lots of newbies to the world of weed will buy stress because they choose quantity over quality.

Dude 1: Dude, I've got some bud.
Dude 2: Ha-Ha! Fuck yeah!
Dude 1: I've got like, 9 G's! We're gonna get fucked up!
Dude 2: Nine G's? Damn! How much you pay?
Dude 1: $15
Dude 2: What? Fifteen bucks...Aw, man! You didn't get
stress did you?
Dude 1: I don't know...I guess...
Dude 2: Hand me the sack.

-Opens sack-

Dude 2: *sniff* Yup, this is stress alright...Man...
Dude 1: Oh. So, should we smoke it?
Dude 2: Might as well...
By Odessa
some bunk ass weed usually filled with stems and seeds. becomes a pain in the ass to smoke because you gotta spend so much time taking out seeds and stems, and sometimes after this your bag ends up 1/2 its sized if ur seller was a jewbag.

its johnny's birthday today, I say we just pitch in 5 each on stress and roll and Suge Knight blunt.
By Sindee
Usually caused by difficult times, and is when you feel worthless, and it is from people at school and it is half your fault for being shy and not talking to them and making friends.

Student: Eric!
Eric: Wanna hear a story?
Student: Geez Eric that is all you do you aren't interested in me and don't even care about me you just want to show off and be heard. You are a nerd.

This is true about nerds! search nerd, by clicking here nerd.
By Mechelle

Don't stress over what you'll do when your mom finds out where you've been; play it by ear and hope for the best.
By Peria
The confusion created when one's mind overrides the body's basic desire to choke the shit out of some asshole who desperately deserves it.

This stress is killing me!
This stress is gonna cause me to die!
By Sharon
what my boyfriend causes me.

By Bonni
The feeling you have when you believe you're not doing enough.

I've been working so hard, I feel that I need to do more. I have stress.
By Eleonora