Define Strings Meaning

loads of dicks tied together

Charlie: Hey! had a threesome last night
Loz: Awesome! Loads of strings?
Chalrie: Of course!
By Euphemia
No Strings
A response to a too good proposal. Asking if there's no catch and your not going to be expected to do something in return.

A shorter form of "no strings attached"

Dude 1: Here, you can borrow my car for your road trip.
Dude 2: For real! No strings?
By Alica
When a man or woman pull each other along in their life without committing to a relationship.

Me: My dear friend that swine is stringing you alone in this relationship, they will never make a move on you
Friend: I'm just holding out ok
By Carma
A person who is annoying and difficult to be around.

By Grayce
A flexible wire like substance used mostly to tire things together.

"Hey, did you remember to tie those sticks together with string?"
"Yes, I did, stay sweet"
By Roberta
On The Strings
When someone or something is in a weak or vulnerable position. Similar to being 'on the ropes', but less extreme

Hey, how well is Alex playing?
Poor - iv'e got him on the strings.
By Iolanthe
No Strings
No Strings is a concept that men think exist but actually doesn't. Certain women offer a "no strings" sex relationship to gullible males only to then proceed as it there are lots of strings. It is simply a honey trap, and an almost perfect one at that.

Millsy- "Elyssa offered me a casual no strings relationship, you know, no stress and complications, we just get together for sex. It's great to be able to let off steam and have fun without all the hassle, you know?"
Lord Scotland - "I see, so how many times has she texted you today?"
Millsy - "456"
By Karilynn
A string is a hot girl. Think of a string bikini on a hottie. It makes any red blooded man melt like butter.

It sure is cool to be here at the beach. Hey man check out that string over there! I'm going to get her digits!
By Berti
When ravers swing and twirl glowsticks around on the end of a string.

Makes very nice time lapse pictures.

Oh man, at the rave last night, there were alot of people stringing. We had to make a big circle for them so everyone could watch.
By Moira

im so pissed at you, ima string you.
By Wallie