Define Study Meaning

Texting, eating and watching TV with an open textbook nearby

Dude, I have to study
By Lilli

teacher: alright class, the homework is to study
students: yes! no homework
By Nance
To go over to the opposite sex's house not to study, but to "study." "Studying" usually involves fooling around without any pants on.

"I'm going over to Amanda's house to 'study'"
By Gisela
pointless action of overworking the brain, memorizing information to find the test has none of that information on it

study or write entries for urbandictionary, either way you'll fail.
By Celia
Memorizing material the day before a test (the day of for some) and completely forgetting all the information exactly after the test is taken, or sometimes even before.

Oh crap the test is tomorrow! I guess I should study. I wonder what chapters it's on.
By Dorry
To trick ones self into believing that by actually going over your "school" notes it will infact help you in the long term, but instead you just look at all the dumb shit your mates have written on the back of your text book.

me: mum im gonna do some study!
mum: whatever just be back by next week!
By Shela
Sitting in your room and writing nonsense on the Wall of or/and adding new definition entries in mad succession in the hope that at least one gets published and "oh wouldn't it be sweet victory if one made it to the front page".

Go and study, you turkey!
(followd by a palm backhander on the kids head).
The future of your country's economy depends on you!
By Sharlene
To make out. "Study" is used as a secrect code infront of you'r parents Yes Jesse Making out!!

"I'm going to Jessica's house with James to "study"!!"
By Irene
v. to mill about aimlessly, paying no heed to one's assigned labors for several hours, then doing it

I'm gonna go study at the arcade. Be back in a few hours.
By Camila
Code word given when speaking of smoking marijuana when over the phone or in public.

Also see homework

So bring your pipe over and we'll "study"
By Florida