Define Stupid Shit Meaning

Stupid Shit
Something to call your friends when their being dumb or funny.

Hehe, u stupid shit!
god ur a stupid shit!
or just plain
Stupid Shit!!
By Roselle
Stupid Shit
/ˈst(y)o͞opid/ (sht)
Anything that can be described as incredibly pointless.

Yo dawg, you see jebediah stick that candle in his dick last night? Ya man, that was sum stupid shit.
By Josephine
Stupid Shit
One who has currently done something stupid and/or retarded.

By Minni
Stupid Shit
One who has currently done or SAID something stupid and/or retarded.

-=EoTt=-Y.O.L.O...Whisper Sweet Nothing In My Ear... says:
i feel bloated..

-=EoTt=-Y.O.L.O...Whisper Sweet Nothing In My Ear... says:
i think im gettin my comma


You Stupid Shit

By Nadya
Stupid Shit
1: stupid, a stupid person, a person acting stupidly crazy, a person you hate who is acting stupid, someone who just wont stop doing a particulary stupid and/or annoying activity

2: a crap of low intelligence

"Stop it, you stupid shit!"

"That guy is one stupid shit man."

"I ate some really dumb food last night and took a stupid shit."
By Renate
Incredibly Stupid Shit
a phrase coined by the satirical news site The Onion used to describe the inane, annoying and repulsive products of modern consumer culture, such as Mind of Mencia,Perez Hilton, and The Jonas Brothers. Incredibly stupid shit can be found anywhere, but is especially abundant in reality TV shows, celebrity-oriented websites, and the self-help section of bookstores.

Fool: "I just saw Oprah talking about something called The Secret where all you have to do to make things happen is wish them into existence!"

Non-fool: "Why do you waste your time with that incredibly stupid shit?"
By Kerri
Performing Stupid Shit

Performing stupid shit is quite an azalea thing to do
By Loralie
Stupid As Shit
something that is slow or worthless, or someone who is slow or makes horrible decisions. derived from the zero intelligence intrinsic of fecal matter.

By Elinore
Stupid As Shit
Description of something that is worthless and a waste of spacel; Dumb as a retard.

By Giralda
Stupid As Shit

For reading this web site, you are stupid as shit.
By Gretna