Define Suck Meaning

If you suck, it generally means you have no skill and/or talent.

Oddly enoguh, even though suck is the opposite of blow, blow is an insult also.

Damn you suck at sports.
By Nat
1)A term meaning bad or not good

2)To put ones mouth over another object and pull air back. Often done in sexual ways.

1)Abby: I can't go to homecoming!
Rebecca: Wow. That sucks.

2)Camille sucks Mark's cock every night.
By Winona

That team last night really sucked. They just plain sucked. I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest buncha sucks that ever sucked.
By Willy

I just lost my watch. That really sucks!
By Peri
A term refering to the vacuming by a female, to a males reproductive organs

By Gwennie
Not necessarily lacking in talent but expressing a general distaste for something or someone obnoxious, dull, detestable, abhorrent, etc.

The Steelers suck more than my new Hoover.

Not to confuse 'suck' with 'blow' as in: The Steelers blew like a third world prostitute.
By Ceil
to think that club penguin osts suck

Ryan: Club Penguin osts suck
some other dude: you suck
By Glen

By Clarice
1) to be terrible at something
2) to suck something such as a straw
3) to give head
4) noun, as in this sucks

1) brian sucked at skateboarding
2) sally sucked on the straw
3) sally sucked david off
4) school sucks
By Charmaine
To suck means for a guy to wrap his lips around another guy's fuck-stick and move his mouth up and down and all around on his rock-hard shaft until he has a cumgasm and you swallow all of it.

By Tanhya