Define Suffix Meaning

Words connected to the ends of others to give them a new or extended meaning.

The current suffixes follow this definition.

By Felisha
a word used by people who think they are smart but dont actualy no what they are talking about and are trying to impress people who they think are not as smart as them

"look at that long suffix"
"thats not a suffix, thats a bridge"
"yeh...majour backfire there"
By Roselia
A words capacity for the addition of a suffix without it becoming a ridiculous word.

The word "Suffix" is not very suffixable.
By Hendrika
-ass (suffix)
adding ass to a word increases its intensity, much as a superlative or other such quantifier would. if something is funny-ass shit it is more funny than if were described as merely funny shit. the same goes for stupid ass shit or stuff. ass is usually a compound suffix with another noun word like shit, stuff, drink, etc. as in, that was a delicious ass soda. do not try explaining this particular use of this word to people who speak another language unless you want hilarity to ensue. there are rules governing its useage, but they are unclear.

that was a weak ass attempt at a definition.
By Silvana
Ghetto Suffix
A ghetto suffix, also known as a ghetto ending is an ending to a ghetto as name. Many common ghetto suffixes are Shaun or Sean , iqua, isha and Onte

Examples of a ghetto suffix include but are not limited to:
By Pauly
Suffix Muffin
Suffix muffin is a substitute word for all the taboo terms in the world. You can use it whenever you want and nobody will understand.

I suffix muffin love that son of a suffix muffin. SUFFIX MUFFIN AHHAHAHAHAH
By Risa
(suffix) Aiges
initially meant alcohol, however it has been adapted in many forms to enhance every day items such as the following

p.s aiges 4 life

Chewing gum: chaiges
Cigarette: baiges
By Rozella
Ass (suffix)
the word you can put after a word like cool or stupid or, or most commonly used after the word kick

ass (suffix)
Fred: did you hear that song with that kick-ass guitar solo?

Jeff: man that was a stupid-ass song.

john: that was a cool-ass guitar though.
By Faye
Suffix "Eye"
The main suffix of JC. Used at the end of almost anything. Mostly always used at the end of words ending in Y. To successfully make a word work with eye, you have to replace the ending vowel sound with it.

1)Cubbie - Cubeye
2)Pipsy - Pipseye
3)Cory - Coreye
4)Kid - Kideye

Things like...
5)Sand - Sandeye
6)Sandy - Sandeye
....You have to know the context of the sentence
By Vanessa
-o (suffix)
Place this suffix behind an adjective, so you get a new Noun, which describes the person or the thing, it's meant against. This might sound bad with some adjectives (e.g. attractive (attractivo?)).

James is such a weirdo! (James = weird)

weird / weird-o (suffix)
By Lark