Define Symbolism Meaning

A word that can be used to pass advanced English class if used enough times.

teacher: so what does this book tell us about society?
student: Dude, it's like, symbolism, you know, sybolism, symbolism...uh...SYMBOLYSIM!
teacher: A+++++++++++++ FOREVER!
student: Dude, THAT is symbolim.
By Ingeberg
using a photograph or illustration showing a similar subject as the caption, even if said photograph or illustration is of a different variant (as popularized by Mocha Uson)

*Photo of Honduran soldiers with caption "Let's pray for our soldiers in (insert place other than Honduras here)"*

"That photo isn't from your captioned country."

"It's symbolism , idiot! Did I say the photo shows this country's soldiers? It's the thought that counts."
By Caritta
The representation of anything by symbols, or of investing things with a symbolic meaning or character.

The twilight movies have quite a bit of pro-abstinence symbolism.
By Guinna
1) Pictograph representing a word, expression, or idea
2) Individual or thing which represents a group, i.e. mascot, etc.
See: symbolism or symbolic

1) Giving someone the finger is the universal symbol for 'F#@% you' or 'F#*& off'.
2) The Bald eagle is one of our national symbols.

alt) Ever Since Prince turned himself into a Symbol.
By Onida
Some gangs use a common symbol to identify their affiliation. Examples of this include 5-pointed stars (People Nation), 6-pointed stars (Folks Nation), and others.

By Daisi
Representation of a concept through symbols or underlying meanings.

The Tree of Life is symbolic for the various life-giving aspects of our Creator.
By Ruthy
Album and song by the band Death.

Symbolic is a great album.
By Ardine
What asswhips on this site seem to always come up with as Urban Slang. If you can't SAY it, it is NOT a WORD, THEREFORE not urban slang!!!!

How can a symbol be a slang word if you can't speak it you Buttmunch?
By Corette
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By Carie
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By Tamera