Define Take It Easy Meaning

Take It Easy

1. to keep ones anger under control

2. to work slowly

3. to relax

4. good-bye

Come on, take it easy man.
By Livy
Take It Easy
By far the best departure phrase known to man.

Person 1: Take it easy.
Person 2: Why that's an excellent idea! I think I'm making my life to stressful so why don't simply follow this kind strangers advise and tell my boss to fuck off because I'm taking it easy!
By Carly
Take It Easy

โ€œWell, it was nice talking to you. Take it easy.โ€ โ€œYou too. Bye-bye.โ€
By Nina
Take It Easy
Don't hurry, proceed at a comfortable pace, relax.

Take it easy, we don't have to be there until noon.
James decided to take it easy this weekend and put off working on the house.
By Basia
Take It Easy
To do a tad bit less than what you want to do.

Patient / Endurance Runner: (had surgery to remove tumor in leg and has 5" incision in thigh... Ran half-marathon the day before surgery and a 50km run 3 weeks before surgery.)

Surgeon Doc: "you can start running again after 2 weeks, if you really want to, but you need to take it easy, to start off with."

Patient / Endurance Runner: (runs 2 miles with a few breaks to walk some, exactly 2 weeks after surgery.)

Physical Therapist Doc: "I think you are doing too much... You need to take it easy."

Patient / Endurance Runner: "I thought running 2 miles with breaks is taking it easy. It's a lot less than running 31 miles." ...
By Clo
Take It Easy
Not pushing so hard.... When life is tough, you choose the easy path.... the path of least resistance. You do not stress, but take the easy option, you don't push or force yourself through, what you want, you take it easy, and you accomplish your goals anyways.

Person one: Man this is so hard, I have to get it done
Person two: Relax, take it easy, it will get done... you don't need to push yourself through it
Person one: there is a deadline, and we have to do this and this and this and this, ahhhh.
Person two: relax bro, take it easy
Person one: ahhh
Person two: do we need to force it, chill bro
Person one: ok
Person two: sounds great, we will get to it, don't worry take it easy man
By Stephanie
Take It Easy
1) A friendly departure, letting the other party know that their well-being is supported.

2) Means it's time to chill the fuck out.

1) John: See you later!

Timmy: Take it easy.

John: You too.

2) Anal Probe: WHAT THE FUCK!!!

Someone with common decency: Take it easy!
By Janis
Take It Easy
A passive-aggressive dismissal between strangers, like a clerk to a customer. Sounds like "chill the fuck out SIR" or "I believe you to be mentally and emotionally unstable and I won't hesitate to beat your ass if you act up." Always leaves the receiving party wondering what they did wrong.

Alloicious: Goes into liquor store, picks up six-pack after some deliberation Hey how's it goin.
Clark: Good man. You wanna sack for that?

Alloicious: Nah it's alright.
Clark: $9.17. Rings it up
Alloicious: Thanks man have a good one!
Clark: Take it EASY.
Alloicious: (Thinking) Jesus what the fuck did I do to make him think I wasn't taking it easy enough? Is it my shoes? Mind your business, dude.
By Mariana
Take It Easy On The Soap
What you tell a fat girl that you just F'd when she goes to take a shower.

When Carla goes to the bathroom to take a shower tell her to "Take it easy on the soap" because last time she used up the whole bar of soap in one shower.
By Vi
Take It Easy, Atlas
What you tell some douche who's trying to dump his burden on you.

1st guy: "None of this would have happened to me if you hadn't started that shit."

2nd guy: "Take it easy, Atlas, or I'll kick your knee out from under you and then you'll have the weight of the world on your head!"
By Annelise