Define Thank You Meaning

Thank You
A phrase not often heard nowadays, much like "forgive me" and "I'm a virgin."

By Margot
Thank You
1. an expresion of gratitude used primarily as a formal, friendly, social obligation.
2.When used in it's true form (not merely out of obligation) it is an expresion of respect and appreciation to another soul (and simultaneously to all beings) for the unconditional kindness that has been bestowed upon you.

1. (delivery person hands man package) man: "Thank you!"

2. (parents tolerate spoiled bratty kid for 20 years and teach kid how to not be so spoiled and bratty) Kid: "Thank you."
By Aili
Thank You
A phrase which expresses gratitude.

By Amargo
Thank You
something you say when someone does something nice for you

thank you mrs G for your support
By Aurea
Thank You
Something you should say after receiving a service.

As seen in Animal House:

"Thank you sir may I have another"
By Raine
Thank You
To be gratefull for something.

By Lebbie
Thank You
special code words which appear genuine but actually mean fuck you. also see "trust me"

By Trish
Thank You
Phrase that expresses thanks and gratitude to the person whom it is said to.

By Cheri
Thank You
the down home version of 'exactly' or a secular hallelujah in praise of what someone has said

You know she comes in here every time with that attitude, like she was going with the man or something. Thank you!
By Samara
Thank You
Giving thanks to one person

By Nerita