Define That Face Meaning

That Face
A word to define the smiley face charecter based on yahoo with the straight blank face. Meant to be used when the actual face in unavailable. Also can basically mean SPEECHLESS. Originates from a group of black women from Virgina (the DC Metro area) who were familiar with the face but did not have access to the face itself for posting on a message board they use to pass time during work hours, conveniently the message board is titled "that face"

*after looking at a picture of a 500lb woman in a thong*

the response would be:

"WOW! *that face*"
By Katerina
Face To Face
Having a face to face chat with someone as opposed to just chatting to them online using programmes such as MSN

I went to my mates house to have a face to face
By Manon
The best name to call someone to harrass them, or simply the act of rubbing your face on someone elses face.

"You stupid fag!"
"You stupid FACE-FACE!"
By Vivianne
To The Face
To attack with enthusiasm and ferocity, most often used when speaking of alcoholic beverages "SHOTS TO THE FACE!" but can be applied to other circumstances, see below:

Jagerbombs to the face!  Funnel to the face!  Late night pizza to the face!  Motorboat to the face!   Newport to the face! (vacation)  Fenway to the face! (sporting event)
This can also be communicated as the acronym "TTF" or "2TF"
By Roxy
Smoking a whole blunt by yourself

Yo, you should be facing a blunt before you see Pineapple Express
By Ajay
On The Face.
originated Hebrew this phrase is one of the most popular phrases in Israel. It's equivalent to "sucks"

-"so how was that party last night"
-"oh man, that party was on the face. im never going there again"
By Celle
In The Face
Something that people say when something happened that could be interpreted as perverted.

When you get hit with anything in your face and people need to emphasize it.

jack: "Ahhh man i got this stuff all over me
Steve:"In the face"

Bob: *punches guy in the face*
Bill: "in the face!!!!"
By Valerye
By The Face
When you do or say something which has no sense in that situation, you do it by the face.

- He told me I was a liar.
- Why?
- Pfff by the face, i had never spoken with him before.
By Amandy
To Face

I disliked him at first but then I to face faced him and it changed my mind.
By Kanya
communication in-person or over electronic devices using individual instruments

Face-to-face communication technology made it better for all people.
By Beilul