Define That Great Meaning


You are Great
By Cathee

Michael Jordan is the definition of greatness when it comes to basketball.
By Steffie
greatness is an acquisition of status by the people who have contributed to an organization, group, or purpose that is greater than themselves. It is defined by the deeds of people that make this world a better place. To provide a purpose to those who have no purpose, and to sustain it, mitigate it from damage, and praise it in any way they can, while still maintaining their own dignity and greatness.

The greatness of man is apparent by its prosperity and conspiracy.
By Blondelle
That's Great
Inherently sarcastic comment, indicating that the person you are responding to should stop speaking.

(early 80s, Northern California)

Synonym: Voot!

A: Well, you know I feel very strongly about how the...

B: that's great.
By Ashil
A very sarcastic way of saying NOT GOOD.

"Well, that was just f*cking GREAT!"
By Erinn
the status obtained when an individual or individuals contribute to an organization, team, or purpose that is greater than themselves. It is defined by individual deeds as well as deeds as a whole. Greatness is always striving to be better, no matter what level of excellence you obtain. It is not just about being the best, it also about bringing out the best in those around you. i.e. taking time to give back and serve your community and impact the world.

The LSU softball team is the essence of greatness.
By Kynthia
1. Relatively large in size or number or extent; larger than others of its kind.
2. More than usual.
3. (used of persons) standing above others in character or attainment or reputation.
4. Of major significance or importance.
5. Remarkable or out of the ordinary in degree or magnitude or effect.
6. (informal) very good.
7. Uppercase.
8. Marked by active interest and enthusiasm.
7. In an advanced stage of pregnancy.

By Deonne
When someone tell you something that they think is exceptional but you couldnt care less, your reply? Great (with forced smile)!

'Guess what!'
*sighs* 'What?'
'I got 24 goals in soccer today!'
'Great!' Goes back to reading book.
By Mable
good exagerated

wow, that was great!
By Licha
How grateful should be spelt

I was greatful for the gift from my mother
By Zarla