Define That Guy Meaning

That Guy
1. A male at a wedding or social gathering who is oblivious that he is making an ass of himself and embarassing everyone who knows him.

Dwayne was "that guy" at the wedding. He hit on 3 bridesmaids and vomited in the planter outside.
By Rosella
That Guy
1. The one guy who always gets other people into trouble, is always fucking up at everyone else's expense, or is just making an ass of himself and everyone around him

2. Cadet Townsend of the UGA Army ROTC program

By Josepha
That Guy
Function: noun

a male that acts in a certain fashion in a given situation, fully knowing such act is considered rude, obscene, or otherwise frowned upon in normal social interaction.

Don't be "that guy" that cuts in line.

Didn't he just hit on the girl he knows you are dating? Yeah, he's "that guy".

Hey, can i bum your last cigarette? It's my last one, don't be "that guy".
By Fred
That Guy
The guy who goes to a high school party after he's graduated high school.

i can't believe "blank" showed up didn't he graduate like 4 years ago
By Candida
That Guy
1. (n.) The guy who wears the t-shirt of their own band. 2. (n.) The guy who wears the shirt of the band that he has come to the show to see. 3. (n.) The guy who buys a shirt at a show and puts it on over whatever shirt they were previously wearing.

By Martina
That Guy
thers a "that guy" in every situation, he could be that guy who ate the last slice of pizza, or that guy who hit on your girl friend, that guy who who begs for money at lunch, or that guy who FUCKING SHOOTS DOWN YOUR GOD DAMN CHOOPER GUNNER WITH 3 KILLS TO A MOTHER F-ING NUKE!

Guy 1:Yeah i was on a 23 kill streak and that guy shot down my Chopper ginner...
Guy 2: Wow what an ass whole...
Ryan Sandage: Hey guys!
By Gayle
That Guy
a person who gives himself nicknames, laughs at his own jokes, and goes around acting like he's cool.

Wow. Have you been around Mike lately? Yeah... he's really being that guy.
By Zita
That Guy
Someone who shows up at a party with a guitar in a pitiful effort to attract the opposite sex.

"Donovan put the damn thing away, your being that guy again."
By Kikelia
That Guy
a person that is awkwardly left out, has friends, or is not really noticed, but has friends.

that guy Karanvir and my other friends, but i forgot who Karanvir is,even though he is my friend.
By Lenna
That Guy
Someone who's always calling a girl, or IM-ing her, or running into her at a bar. He always flirts with her -- and even thinks he has a shot -- even though she's made it perfectly clear that she's not interested. Not as malicious as a stalker, just annoying.

Ugh, that guy called me AGAIN.
By Brietta