Define The Amazing World Of Gumball Meaning

The Amazing World Of Gumball
its a new show on cartoonnetwork about a boy named gumball and his family including his sister his brother, derrick, and his mom and dad.

in the show the amazing world of gumball, one episode derrick kicks down the door and screams I WANT MORE KIDS!!!!!
By Patti
The Amazing World Of Gumball
A multimedia animated series airing on Cartoon Network. It's about a blue cat named Gumball and his unusual town, which consists of characters such as a tyrannosaurus, a banana, a shapeshifter, a furry slug, and other trippy characters.

The Amazing World of Gumball is one of CN's best shows.
By Mollie
The Amazing World Of Gumball
Stupid ass cartoon where all the people sound like they're screaming when they talk and they look weird as fuck

Me: The amazing world of gumball
Is a piece of shit

Person: why?

Me: the characters scream so much it gives me a damn headache

Person: well I don't think I'll watch that then
By Rheba