Define The Angry Meaning

Angry Angry
really really really really fucking angry.

O damn, i heard today john got a angry fetus from marilyn, then he got angry angry.
By Merna
Like the word Angry, but more infuriating.

BTW: Made by a 13 Y/O

By Rosetta
How I felt when I saw only one definition for angry.

Angry is an emotion that highly contrasts and disagrees with the emotion, happy.

Someone feeling angry will usually have a lack of joy, a lack of judgement, a sense of inbred hate, and overall frustration.

The "image" of someone being angry is usually accompanied by violence, a frown, the furrowing of the eyebrows, and sometimes growling.

Angry is a synonym for mad.

Bruce Banner turns into The Hulk whenever he gets angry (mad).
By Gray
When we get mad, our rational prefrontal lobes shut down and the reflexive back areas of the brain take over. The left hemisphere also becomes more stimulated as the brain’s hormonal and cardiovascular responses kick in.

A tense body pumps out cholesterol and a group of chemicals called catecholamines, which encourage fatty deposits to pile up in the heart and carotid arteries. It’s no surprise, then, that angry people are three times more likely to have a heart attack than those less prone to fury

By Wynny

By Alyss
one of the better types of sex

my girlfriend pissed me off and we got into a fight. but the angry makeup sex was fantastic!
By Doralynne
When u feel angry

The feminist were angry
By Rora
Adjective: A state of emotion caused by happiness. This results in the face scrunching up as they yell out obscenities in sheer bliss. Sometimes, impulsive violence arises because they do not want the happiness to end.

"WOW! He is so angry with joy!"
"YEP! He broke my nose!"
By Marinna
Angry Angry Asian
Also known as AAA, a very very angry asian who can't contain his anger towards white people.

The opposite of the KKK who committed racist hate towards black people, the AAA is a cult of asians within the midlands in the UK who commit racial crime and terrorism towards the white.

By Tallia
Don't make me angry you won't like me when I'm angry.

Hulk is Angry
By Gena