Define The Best Thing Meaning

The Best Thing
Ronny Castellon’s Smile

Woah I just saw the best thing ever
Yeah must’ve been Ronny
By Marillin
Best Thing Ever

By Emmi
The Best Thing Ever

sliced bread is the best thing ever
By Adora
Best Thing Ever
1. Used to describe something very good or rated highly as a favourite.

2. Used to describe something by someone who over reacts and says things are way better than they actually are.

1. That experience was the best thing ever.

2. Person A "Did you like the present I sent you?"
Person B "OMG I LOVE IT, it's the BEST THING EVER"

By Bernardina
The Best Thing Ever
Pie is the best thing ever

Pie has 100000000s of differnt flavors. makeing it the best thing ever
By Margarethe
The Best Thing Ever

By Luelle
The Best Thing Ever
when a light is flashing in your face as you spin around in a circle

on duke of edinburgh expeditions people will do the best thing ever to each other with headtorches as a way of making friends
By Ros
Best Thing In The World

Having sex with heather is the best thing in the world
By Barbabra
Best Thing I Never Had
When you had feelings for someone, and you were so close to being together, but they mess up and you don't end up with them but it was amazing while it lasted.

"He was the best thing i never had"
By Fanchon
The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
a person says this to show how one apprieciates the other person or object; to show how much they like the person or object.

Chad-"Damn! Yo da best thing since sliced bread honey!"
Betty- "Give me yo numba and u will c the second best thing since sliced bread"


Tony- Wow! this video game is the best thing since sliced bread!
By Patience