Define The Booty Meaning

The Booty
Something that puts boys into a trance. It is a weapon from the back... if you know how to move it in a circle, you will always get what you want!If you got a fat one all the boys will be after you so be careful, WARNING its not just a blessing it can also be a curse!!!!FUCKBOYS will be after you!!!!PROTECT THE BOOTY AT ALL COST!!!!!!!!!!!

wow the booty on that gal is fat asf, i need that booty
By Fanny
Booty Booty
The act of doing the 69 reverse, where you are simply rubbing your ass in their face and the back of your head into their crotch.

Jon: I was gonna fuck her, but she wanted to booty booty.
By Beverie
It is kinda that it sounds like, booty-to-booty, it's the same as ass-to-ass, butt-to-butt etc...
When two women with big butts, put their booties together, like massaging, slamming, bumping, pressing thier booties together in "booty-to-booty" positions.

Their is lots of positions: sitting on a another booty booty-to-booty, standing back to back booty-to-booty, both bending over and standing booty-to-booty, both down on their knees adn backin' their booties together booty-to-booty.
It's all about fantasy, having fun.

Some women love doing this together and having some booty-to-booty contact, it could also being competitive and then like comparing their booties, it's bein called a "booty battle".

(Friends with booties having fun with them.)
*"Starting to rub thier buttocks together"
*"Playful booty-to-booty"
*"Feels good having your soft booty against mine"

(black and white booty.)
*"I love to play with white girls and nice booties."
*"My black booty is much better than that white"
*"Feel black-on-white skin-on-skin booty-to-booty"
*"She think she got a better booty than me!"

(sexually between two women.)
*"Doing some booty-to-booty before/during/after the sex."
*"Sensual massage booty-to-booty."
*"sitting on the other womans booty."
*"Resting while lie on the other womans back, back-to-back
*"Both getting aroused on the thought that their assholes are so close to each other."
By Christy
commonly utilized in urban circles referring to a pair of short jean shorts. the term first appeared when sandra, an information assistant at rutgers campus information services, wore a pair of such shorts and was spotted in an awkward moment by an information technology analyst from her department. a hot makeout session ensued thereafter, of course, for no one can deny the power of booty-booties.

"yo, girl, you got some nice booty-booty!"
By Austin
Booty Booty
when you ain't got booty per se but got booty booty

Damn Ricardo your cousin has a booty booty!
By Felicle
Booty Booty
Butt sex. Term derived from the common term "getting booty" or having vaginal sex, whereas "booty" refers to a butt, so getting "booty booty" means getting butt sex, or anal. Alas, sex of the butt category.

Upstanding man #1: Bro, did you get some booty from dat ho last night?
"Bro": Yeah, man, I got booty booty! It was tight as hell.
Upstanding man #1: Damn bro, I wish my gurl would do dat, but she's afraid to try it.
By Elyn
The final stage in the evolution of a butt.

Flat (you're spanking bones) > Petite (awww it's cute) > Apple (nice to eat and look) > Bubble (Instagram certified thicc) > Booty (ticket to rap videos)

Best served with skinny jeans, leggings and yoga pants.

Nicki: Boy you got a nice booty on you!

Minhaj: Boo, I'm Hassan Minhaj, I've got everything nice going on!
By Casi
(noun) 1. the collective total amount of tangible plunder that is a direct result of some type of successful job, scam or caper that is traditionally divided between the people who were in on the job itself. 2. A desirable ass commands attention, generally it is found throughout the warnings

Nikki and Raymond looked in awe at the mountain of booty before them that their successful heist had produced. Luckily they were able to agree on the distribution of everything so both parties were satisfied with what they took with them. 2. Nikki stared and salivate at the woman's desirable booty as he tried to commit to memory the features that he would recall later when he was alone and by himself.
By Brita
the treasure that a pirate finds

By Diena
That's Booty
Often used as an exclamation of displeasure; to show one's acknowledge of getting ripped off, disappointed, ect.

Teacher: I changed my mind. We will have a Chapter Test that will be worth 60 points tomorrow.
Kid: That's booty!
By Libbey