Define The Cliff Meaning

The Cliff
The Cliff slang term for oakcliff. A place where alot of real niggas reside .

Example 1 : them niggas from the cliff they aint playin
By Fidela
when a person begins telling you a story that drags on and on and is full of irrelevant details and not getting to the point... you can hurry things up by asking for "cliffs".

- derived from cliff notes

"Hey, hey, i dont want you life story just gimme the cliffs!"
By Aimee
On The Cliff
When someone is resting but not totally asleep.

I was sleeping but i remember hearing your conversation, I must have been on the cliff.
By Theda
Pronunciation: \ˈklif\
A German/English man. Calm, caring, gentile but strong. rather ingenious and wise. Bold and brave but soft in his ability to change, reform and adjust. excepting and understanding.

*like a mountains he is big and tall - like a river who flows many ways he is free from confirmation bias - Like a grandfather spirit he is mindful and open, conscious & aware - like the clouds ever changing he is full of life and dances amongst the stars - He has the courage to act on his knowledge, but the humility to doubt what he knows - A giver of protection and often associated with large mountains - A guardian of wisdom believer of eternal life. "The white cliffs of Dover"

brave, victorious and triumphant!

"a very dangerous place to play games"

Hi Cliff! it was nice to meet you.
By Ruperta
Something you throw someone off of.

By Prue
To 'Cliff' someone.

Say that you are up for plans then dropping out at the last minute. Or alternatively not giving a definite answer on plans in order to provoke begging.

Origin: 'Cliff Hanger'

Ezza just cliffed out of the plans.
By Dulcia
A name for a guy who is solid yet can go just to the edge. Solid ideals and morals but likes to push himself and others just to "the edge" of fun, passion, excitement, sex, etc. Constantly has his foot on "the line" of no return but always finds his way back! Not afraid to show his emotions and doesn't try to hide them. A man among men. A friend among friends.

Girl: I went out with that guy Cliff!
Friend: How was it?
Girl: OMG! I thought he was meek and mild-mannered. But what a crazy guy. He acts half his age, kept me laughing all night and in bed I thought I was gonna die!
Friend: So are you seeing him again?
Girl: Well, like, Yeah!!!
By Margit
Primarily in Africa - the name "Cliff" is usually given to (male) babies who are likely to become extremely beautiful.

A so-called Cliff-Baby typically has a huge genital and a strong physique.

Sam Williamson (1403): "He was baptized Clifford and became the most beautiful prince in West Africa"
By Melody
A dependable friend (much like the dog Clifford, from the children's book "Clifford The Big Red Dog"). Someone who gets to the point quickly (much like Cliff Notes, a series of study guides to explain complex literary works). A beer drinker (much like Cliff Clavin, a character from the TV series "Cheers"). A family man (much like Cliff Huxtable, a character from the TV series "The Cosby Show"). A protector (much like the security company "CLIFFORD").

That guy Cliff really is dependable, he saved us there with his notes, we finished studying so early we went out for beers after.
By Rosaleen
A place where the ground abruptly drops many feet. Also called a "precipice". Imagine it like this: --*-_ You are the asterik, and the drop from - to _ is at least your height, if not many times that.

Abe: Hey jack! Jack!!
Jack: what?
Abe: there's a cliff!!!
Jack: a what?
Abe: A CLIFF!! Don't look at me! Look in front of you!!!
Jack: WHAT???
By Pollyanna