Define The Cons Meaning

Con\con is a run command which, when typed, causes Windows 95 and 98 systems to crash and cue the blue screen of death. This is to do with the fact that con is a reserved device name in MS-DOS and Windows systems.

I typed con\con into the Windows 95 run box, pressed enter and my VM crashed and blue-screened.
By Truda
The ultimate in shoe deception. Con-cons are shoes that have been produced in the exact same style as the famous Converse All Star, but do not have any affiliation with the Converse company and therefore do not carry the converse all-star logo. The product is always strikingly similar, and on many occasions almost identical to the originial converse shoe in shape, design, proportions, and stitching. There are two main differences between con-cons and the genuine converse all-star. Firstly, as mentioned before, the trademarked converse all-star logo is not printed on side of the shoe. Secondly, the cost differs to a great extent, as con-cons are usually only sold at large department stores like K-mart or Target, but are sometimes seen at clothing stands at weekend markets. There has been an increase in the production of con-cons in the last few years, in an attempt to cash in on the 'emo' and 'scene' fashion trends. Con-cons offer the simple emo or scene individual an alternative to spending $90.00 on genuine converse all stars.

Scene guy: "Check out my new Converse all-stars, I have eight pairs now"

Emo girl: "They look just like my trusty con-cons"

Scene guy: "Yeah, but they're fake and therefore I am cooler than you"

Emo girl: "Fake they may be, but with the hundreds of dollars I have saved from purchasing these knock-offs over the years, I have purchased tickets to Soundwave to see Silverstein"

Scene guy: "I can't afford to go to Soundwave..."

By Morissa
Con Con
The cool nickname for a guy named Connor.

1.) "Hey Con Con!"
2.) "Yeah me and Con Con hung out last night."
By Celine
Con Con Is On On
When someone’s personality is remarkable and original. It is considered to be used only when someone is above and beyond expectations.

*Friend gets elected class president

Annie: “woah man con con is on on”
By Kaia
Short for "conservative" in the modern American political sphere. A double entendre because of its "dishonest, manipulative" connotation.

I sure as hell hope the cons get kicked out of office soon.
By Darci
con or CON is a reserved file that Windows does not allow you to use and thus being prohibited by Microsoft, this is also because the file is reserved for the computer's console also known as the computer's terminal.

When renaming it: The specified device name is invalid
When naming it on Notepad: CON This filename is reserved for use by Windows. Choose another filename and try again.
By Darlene
1. Shortened form of the word convict.
2. Something which rips someone off

That con coned me out of $50.
By Francisca
Slang term for a ripoff ot the act of ripping off somebody.

A person who is good at scamming others is called a con artist.
By Jessie
Bloody or Damn Stupid in french =P

c'est con!!

It's damn stupid!!
By Simonette
In french slang it has an offensive term and a freindlier term.Only used for male.
con(offensive):dumb ass
female: see conne

Il est vraiment con se type.- That guy is really a dumb ass!
By Bianka