Define The End Meaning

The End
An awsome song by the greatest band ever, The Doors

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end
By Malissia
The End
Old ass sniper in MGS 3 snake eater. Possibly the toughest boss in the whole game.

Fighting this dude takes about an hour. I'm not exaggerating.
By Blythe
The End
Two words that can bring a pleasing feeling at the end of a movie or send shivers down your back when talking about your life.

The end is the closest thing you can see in all of your nightmares and every haunting tale, but the comfort of knowing that green eggs and ham are a respectable dish when the book is done.

By Andy
The End
a hell of a song by the doors, but LONG. Almost 12 minutes.

Great song though. Worth the time.
By Evanne
The End

"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make"
By Roslyn
The End
1. When You're Lost in a Roman Wilderness of Pain, and all the children are insane, my beautiful friend.

2. You suddenly realize what a cocksucker you've been, pull your head out of your ass and chop it off to do society a favor.

By Norri
The End
an annotation added to the end of a text, report, book or a movie so that Americans as well can understand that the subject text, report, book, etc. is finished and do not keep staring at the screen or pages for hours.

This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I'll never look into your eyes, again
By Liva
The End

Thanks for your time. The end.
By Moria
The End
what we wish

I want the end
By Karlen
The End
The two infamous words used to represent a conclusion. Sometimes. Pronounced "thuh end" by retards.

"In second grade I said 'thee end' and I was in a conflict with someone saying that it's really pronounced 'thuh end'."
By Emlynn