Define The Greatest Meaning

The Greatest
the one person you can do the most random and nerdy things with and still feel cool. the one person who sends chills down your spine and whenever you're together, it's all about you. he/she is selfless, amazing and pretty much indescribable. Someone who's as cute as a button and piss your pants hilarious, it really gets no better and there's no one else you'd rather grow old with.

Between trips to the city, ice skating, loads of pictures, toy stores, veggie tales, minivolcanoes, yahoo games, serenades, morse code and crazy psychic powers... Raul is the greatest.
By Barbaraanne

The Best says to the Greatest: "To the Max.
By Josee
The Greatest
a play/move in ultimate frisbee, where one receives the disc out of bounds, in the air, and while remaining in this state, throws it into the endzone, scoring a beastly point. as opposed to the stupidest, when one attempts this move but screws it up, being unbeastly.

Alex Hornstein has done the greatest. That other guy tried, but it came out the stupidist.
By Gusty
Told you....

Me: Greater
Someone Else: Greatest
Me: Greatester!
By Marget
A play in ultimate frisbee. A receiver who is jumping out of bounds catches the disc in mid flight and throws the disc back into the field of play to be caught by a teammate, and thus retain possession. A very difficult play. The opposite of which would be the worst or dumbest, which is when a player attempts a greatest even though he could have dragged his foot and stayed in bounds.

Paul dove out of bounds to complete the greatest.
By Emily
The Greatest

Refering to somone with skills of the highest quality, ruling competition like a god on a glory binge; the ultimate champion.

Jeremy is "The Greatest" in general, but known for being such at Fightnight.
By Eyde
The Greatest
In Ultimate, jumping from inbounds, catching the disc while in the air and throwing it to another teammate who is inbounds before hitting the ground.

Did you see Boyd. He pulled of "The Greatest" at practice yesterday. It was the sickest bid I have ever seen.
By Sarene
The Greatest
A canadian-bangladeshi girl, goin to NCSU who is the greatest that ever was. Ever.

By Blondy

I love my Paul so much, He's The Greatest.
By Gerda
A Prince by the name of... (nvm the name, you already know who you are) ;)

By Rina