Define The Grenade Meaning

The Grenade
This waste of (a vast amount of) skin realized in the 6th grade that she will die alone after welfare and multiple heart attacks. After this harsh realization, she desperately attempted to form friendships with attractive girls for the sole reason of leeching of their hotness. Ten years later, she's managed to hold together her parasitic friendship with these girls. When you and your buddies approach these girls, the grenade's callousness from years of fat jokes kicks into overdrive, and she does everything in her power to keep her "friends" from hooking up. The grenade will most likely have to be jumped on (read: get taken back to her place and spend many long hours trying not to vomit from disgust) by you or one of your buddies (probably whoever gets the short straw).

"She was the grenade" should be an acceptable defense in murder cases.
By Reba
The Grenade
The grenade is an alternative sexual manuaveur, it begins with the basic handjob. When the man begins to orgasm however is where the grenade differs because the one handjobbing makes a fist around the erect member and clamps their thumb over the penile orfice. This is usually followed by a yelp by the man because of building pressure and is usually released quickly with a explosion of white male secretion.

Me: Hey dude why are grabbing yourself?
Mike: My girl gave me the grenade because I called her Heather half way through.
Me: Shit thats some mean and cold hearted shit right there.
By Shaylynn
The Grenade
you roll up on phat ho and you make a fist like you gonna clock a nigga and stick yo thumb up and you go all thumbs up in her pussy

that bitch was so fineeeee that i just plopped the grenade right up her pussayyyy
By Danella
Grenade Of Grenade
The real name for the Call of Duty series. The only people who don't acknowledge this as the series' actual name are the hardcore fans, who protect their sacred game above all else, and are ignorant to reason.

Person 1: "I love Call of Duty!"
Person 2: "Don't you mean Grenade of Grenade? I hate that game."
Person 1: (insert rage-filled rant here)
By Denise
When you're in the shower and you have to poop—Instead of getting out, you poop in your hand, pull back the shower curtain, and toss it in the toilet.

Dude, I had to shit really bad, but didn't want to get the floor all wet.. So I had a grenading session in the shower.
By Berta
The solitary ugly girl always found with a group of hotties. If the grenade doesn't get any action, then neither does anyone else.

By Breanne
The ugliest girl in a group of girls that are out. Her friends will not even think of leaving her unless they know she is getting action herself. Therefore, someone in your group of friends sacrifies himself by hooking up with the grenade in order for the rest to have a chance of having sex with the hot girls. More often than not, the grenade jumper gets laid and the rest end up jacking off.

It is good and honorable to jump on the grenade in order to save the platoon. Plus, you will probably get laid while the rest will not.
By Hildegaard
A group of ugly, fat, pale, repulsive, and/or slovenly females.

The term "grenade" was coined by The Situation on MTV's infamous show, The Jersey Shore

"Hey dude, call up that fat chick you've been banging. Tell her to bring her friends."

"Sure thing bro. I guess you wanna dive on some grenades tonight too, huh?"
By Janetta
Hand- held explosive, used mainly by people who wish to inflict pain and death. (eg. Terrorists, soldiers)
To use a grenade, one would remove the pin and throw the grenade in the direction of the target, where under normal circumstances, it would explode.
Not reccomended for children. Or anyone at all, really.

He threw the grenade. There was a shout, an explosion, a scream, and then, silence.
By Hailee
Similar to a timebomb, a roach with weed packed on top

“Woah that started ripping out of nowhere “

“The grenade went off”
By Keriann