Define The Lobby Meaning

The Lobby
noun. The place one says they are going when staying at a hotel with a lover and needing to use the restroom in a way that creates noxious fumes.

Hey baby, I'm just gonna go to the lobby and get you a cup of coffee and make a phone call.
By Zelma
The legal form of bribing the government

Comcast is lobbying congress to maintain their monopolistic stranglehold on the market without restriction. How is this allowed?
By Ameline
The Definition of Lobbi:
Loving, charming, sexy.
It's a word, what you say to someone, if you really like him/her, and you don't wanna lose him/her.
Or when you apologize to somebody.

I gotta go! Lobbi
By Cammie

Bro, I am starving...

Let's get some lobbies and beer at The Palm

By Mala
1. v. i. To pay politicians under the table to get them to be more agreeable to your employer's point of view, be it for or against something.
2. n. A particular group of people who engage in lobbying, e.g. the gun lobby. see also lobbyist.

I am a lobbyist who lobbies against the lobby lobby.
By Cassaundra
In golf when you try and play a Lob shot and miss hit the ball making it only move by a couple of yards.

I had to chip over a bunker but had a Lobbie and duffed it in to the sand.
By Malena
Being or acting weird

“You’re so lobbie bro” “stop being lobbie
By Maryann
adjective: a guy that always acts like a high dumbass even when he's sober.

dude, randy is so lobby. he cant turn on the tv. what a tool.
By Alvina
A Royal Australian Navy sailor who is generally well endowed, but does not show respect for his penis.
also known to fornicate with female sailors(see WRANS) .
A funny type of sailor generally serving most career time in a unit called Rogers Division.

oh he fucked her? Typical Lobby!
By Carolann
The Lobby
Let's all go there!

And have ourselves a snack!
By Hildagard