Define The Mission Meaning

The Mission
One of the central districts of San Francisco, CA. It is the city's Latino district. It is famous for its historic buildings, its Mission burritos (the best in Northern California), and its murals.

Rich people who tour San Francisco for a limited time think that the Mission is the ghetto. That's kind of true, but the disdain some of these people take with them is unfortunate. The Mission district is large and complex, with variying socioeconomic areas, clusters of mini-communities, and several specialty stores found nowhere else. Native San Franciscans know it as one of the "cool" districts.

SF Person 1: My cousins from San Mateo are going to visit the city this weekend; I'm gonna take them to The Mission!

SF Person 2: Ah, The Mission! I want to go to The Mission, too!

SF Person 1: Come with us!


Cousins from San Mateo: Ooh... is that graffiti on that tree? Oh no, are we going to be mugged? Why is that corner store selling guavas?
By Ingaborg
The Mission
A once great and 'vibrant' (read 'ghetto') district of San Francisco now being taken over by an invasion of carpet-bagging, carpet-munching, cracker-ass hipsters.

SFC Native #1: It's cool how The Mission is coming up and crime is going down.

SFC Native #2: Nah fooh, the rents are rising and there's all these annoying young gringos stupidos around, not the older kind that were just annoying but not stupid.

SFC Native #1: Yeah, I guess you can't have everything.
By Maryellen
A method of describing a journey or task or great difficulty, boredom, or length.

"We had to pick up, mission it all across town, and drop off in Lizzie's."

"I'm on a damn mission with the wind blowing." (ie: Rolling in the wind.)
By Lynette
U.K South London slang

word describing a long amount of time taken to get somewhere

From the idea of a mission being something which takes along time to complete.

Beckenham! Ah Bruv das missions!
By Kaja
Using the public transit to go someone's house/to an event

"Hey are you guys going to Franny's?"
"Yeee, bro. We're missioning it there."
By Carita
A very arduous task. A job that is very strenuous, and takes a long time to complete or even to attempt.

"Write a 5000 word essay? What a mission!
By Terrijo
To go on a mini-expedition. This might involve negotiating treacherous terrain, having strange adventures and meeting random people. It will definitely involve having an amazing time...

I had the most amazing day missioning
Let's go missioning again really soon
By Hazel
the act of going somewhere to have sex with a chick, usually used when running a train

Im bouta go run a mission on dis hoe that jus moved down the street. Ya'll comin?
By Melodee
Spanish quarter of Frisco. Where you can get a taco and a greencard from the same shop. Like East LA. 24th street is the Nortenos, 20th-18th is the Surenos and 16th street is the crack heads and potheads.

Where you from homes?

24th and mission, fuck 18th scraps
By Jo-Anne
To be totally focused on one goal whilst under the infuence of narcotics, to the possible detriment of personal health, social standing and other shit.

"Nah, leave him be, he's missioning for some Rizla and won't be back for ages."
By Eirena