Define The Only One Meaning

Only One
The police. This is a reference to the now-classic video of former DEA Agent Lee Paige shooting himself in the foot.

Lee Paige: "I'm the only one in this room professional enough, that I know of, to carry this glock .40 I'm the only on*BANG*"
By Kristina
There's Only One
A deep, philosophical quote that should not be taken literally. It is intended to add significance to an entity due to their superiority. It is also used as a form of praise.

By Beitris
The Only One
A person that is the only one that got swag and fanez don't hate them you would rather be friends with them💯

By Bellanca
Only One
here i go
scream my lungs out and try to get to you
you are my only one
i let go
theres just no one
no one like you
you are my only
my only one...

Joe, you are my only one! i love you! MWAH!
By Korie
There Can Be Only One
The tagline from the film Highlander. It states that only one Immortal can claim The Prize, by being the last one to recieve a Quickening.

Connor McLeod: Kurgan, we meet again.

The Kurgan: There can be only one!
By Krystal
Am I The Only One
A pointless phrase that is most often used on the internet.

It is used to whore for attention, because if someone is asking whether or not he or she is the only one, he or she should already know that the answer is "no," yet proceeds to ask anyway. Thus, "am I the only one" disguises a statement of opinion as a question.

It is also used to convince oneself that one's opinion is a unique, nonconformist take on things and everyone else are sheep (or worse yet, sheeple).

Idiot: Am I the only one who doesn't care about Iron Man 2?

Dude: No, idiot. Everyone else who doesn't care about Iron Man 2 doesn't waste their time looking for discussions on Iron Man 2.
By Noemi
Only One Can Speculate
It is only up to the beholder that may reveal the possibilities and illuminate the mysteries of the particular subject

yo is that a shemale or a girl?

only one can speculate...
By Virgie
Am I The Only One
A common phrase with the connotation "I feel I'm in the minority on this subject" that has received ridiculous amounts of trendy hate from the socially-impaired unable to understand anything in a non-literal manner.

Honest Question: "Am I the only one who...?"

Person 1: "You're never the only one!"
Person 2: "You're never the only one idiot!"
Person 3: "Idiot, you're NEVER the only one"
Person 4: "Yeah, you can never possibly be the only one!"
Person 5: "We are so LOGICAL!"
By Gabi
"there Can Only Be One"
Commonly misquoted reference to the Highlander movies and TV series. The actual line is "There can BE ONLY one."

Wrong: "There can ONLY BE one" Highlander?
Right: "There can BE ONLY one" Highlander!
By Mable
"there Can Only Be One"
Reference to the Highlander movie and telvision series, where a race of Immortals try to behead each other in single combat for a mystical "prize". Used as a battlecry.

red_mc to red_mc1: I was playing as a red master chief first, "there can only be one" .
By Pansy