Define The Present Meaning

The Present
What the past left behind for us. The time we are living in right now is therefore a present from the past.

Person 1: Why is it called the present?
Person 2: Because everything we see is a present from the past
By Aeriel
The exact moment all of your blood cells decide to go directly to your dick

Me: I will begin my Presentation by starts off with Alabama being-

Girl: why dose Carl having a boner?
By Jocelyn
A word with too many goddamn definitions.

She's presently present, so I'll present my present.

Translation: She's now here, so I'll give my gift.
By Teressa
When you have to take a crap really bad and you feel the poop coming out.

We need to get home so I can take a shit. I think I'm presenting.
By Ray
the singular moment when you are most susceptible to a heart attack.

teacher: "we are having a presentation tomorrow"
student: "dies of a heart attack"
By Mavis
The act of one Presenting oneself for sexual gratification in all your glory.

She presented herself to me, for which I gladly received her body.
By Valaree
Showing your crotch or dick bulge in an obvious or semi obvious manner

Omg that guy is certainly presenting,
His 8 inches is presenting itself.
By Indira
A word that illiterate people use instead of "presenting" becasue htey dont know how to say "presenting"

Me: Hey, you presenting today?

Illiterate Moron: Yah mon, im presentating.
By Leticia
Presentaion:/ˌprɛz ənˈteɪ ʃən, ˌpri zɛn-/ Set number of agonizing minutes of exclusive divided attention (divided among you & your lousy slides, facebook, youtube, email, myspace, text messages, chats + other cool websites and iphone apps) intended for explaining to a group of unwilling students what took you 3 weeks to partially understand and one night to put on powerpoint.

The presentation was great, I watched annoying orange on youtube instead.
By Betty
Something you give without any type of obligation.

I am going to give a present to her.
By Amargo