Define Theatre Meaning

The Canadian-English spelling of theater. Often misread by illiterates as "thea-tra" this spelling is pronounced the exact same as 'theater'.

Pronounced: theat•ur

1) A place where art is displayed.

2) A large structure containing a screen and projector where people pay to watch a movie or short film.

3.a) A place containing a stage for live performances of plays, musicals, music, and other various arts.
3.b) To do theatre.

Usage One
Person 1: "Hey man I'm going to the theatre tonight to see Elysium! Would you like to come?"
Person 2: "Oh for a moment I thought you meant REAL theatre with REAL actors and re-"
Person 1: "Just shut up you pompous chimpshit."

Usage Two
Actor: "I am about to do live theatre, wish me luck!"
Director: "Go get'em, son!"
Actor: "Hello my friends, I give you STAGE THEATRE!"
By Agnesse
n1.) The place where REAL actors go. It is essentially a space that embraces the potential to hold the imagination of any vision or idea of a director.

v.) To do theatre is to do drama; to act; or to be a patron of the arts.

n1.) That theatre is small and crochety.

v.) I do theatre because I like challenges and it is a lot harder than acting in film.
By Teressa
theatre is real acting. it's not cute or adorable or funny if you mess up your line and it doesn't go in those adorable bloopers where you all swoon when brad pitt giggles at missing the line. real theatre is les miserables, which i love, wicked, which i'm going to see, and stuff like the phantom. chicago is awesome, and everybody's probably heard of a little person called SHAKESPEARE!!! that's real theatre. it's where capped teeth and anorexia don't get you the role.

a real song from theatre might be bluesy, jazzy, or rocky. les mis is really sad and kind of classical, and broadway is known for language and "socially unacceptable" themes.
By Nelly
Where actors act on stage.

Theatre is where you go to see a play or live acting. Theater is where you go to see a movie on a big screen. Notice the way there spelled.
By Gracia
staged performances of drama with actors developed by Ancient Greeks, died with the Walt Disney Corporation's acquisition of Times Square, NY

With every performance of High School Musical Live, a Meisner method actors head explodes and another studio apartment converted into a theatre space is closed...which isnt that bad after all
By Maurene
there are many diffrent types of theatre stages such as proscenium arch, thrust, theatre in the round, arena theatre, black box, this is what actors act on.

the theatre was called a proscenium arch theatre stage
By Peggie
What elitist actors say when people ask them why they are living in a box, because they are too embarased to say theater, like normal people. Also could come from the fact that they think they are too perfect for theater.

Right now I am working in theatre, and the joy I get from these thespian workings far outways my lack of worldly possesions
By Odille
(n)The home of all those thousands of people who just aren't good enough to get into the movies.

(v)To act, participate in, or work in a play or scene for money.

(n)Well, after Hollywood didn't work out, I'm into theatre to get some money for now.

(v) Dude, did you hear what happened to Matthew? He's stuck doin' theatre now.
By Kassia
1. The equivalent of an actor or actresses friends, family, home, boyfriend/girlfriend, life, social life, sustenance, and religion

2. Any space where a live performance is staged, usu. a building esp. with a stage; the equivalent of a church or shrine; where actors/actresses, directors, crew, and techies live

3. The art of live performance usu. of plays; for actors who want to get a role for their skill, not for their plastic surgery and/or eating disorder(s)

4. An all encompassing term for everything related to the art of live performance

1. "Theatre is my passion."

2. "We have a rehearsal on Saturday from 1:00pm to 6:30pm at the theatre."

3. "I don't act in movies, I do live theatre"

4. "Yeah, I'm really into theatre."
By Kellyann
a) noun
1. A building in which live shows are performed for an audience. (Not to be confused with a movie theater)
2. A specific room or space designated for the performance of a live show.
3. The craft or study of creating live performances. (Not to be confused with film)

b) adjective
4. Used to describe one who is loud, 'artsy' and/or 'weird' and who has an interest in theatre.
5. For, of, or referring to the theatre.

1. I'm going to the theatre tonight
2. Bill is in the theatre, hanging lights.
3. What made you want to go to school for theatre?

4. She burst into song and dance while sweeping the floor at work; she's such a theatre kid.
5. We have theatre tickets for this evening.
By Dulcinea