Define Theres Meaning

Usually used by illiterate 13 year olds on the net, meaning there's - there is.

Person: "There's"
13 year old: LOL WOT DUS DAT MEAN?
By Kamillah
(Verb) To bother someone with too much "Bro"ness.

(IE when annoyed or offended by an OC d-bag with neck tatoos, jacked up lifted truck, too much UFC, too much Tap Out T shirts, beach cruiser in the back of the monster lifted truck)

Can be used as "Bro~ther" as to annoy perster and generally to bother someone.

Stop bro~thering me about your lifted truck

Quit bro~thering me about your Nickelback concert tickets

Your Bro'ness is starting to bro~ther me

The amount of gel you use to spike your hair is somewhat bro~thering.
By Zarah
Theres Never Not Not Nuttin
A word used a lot by a Youtuber called "jacksfilms"
He uses it in a Youtube series called "Your Grammar Sucks" and mostly in raps

By Nert
Watchout! Theres Ghosts
A Techno/Electronica/Scream band created by former A Skylit Drive vocalist Jordan Blake, and long time friend and old Ann Arbor band mate, Josh Stotts.

Friend:"Have you heard of Watchout! Theres Ghosts?"
Friend:"Listen. Your boner will never get bigger than when you do."
By Annabelle
Theres No Strangers Tonight

Person A: Theres no strangers tonight.
Person B: I WOULD continue but I don't know the lyrics. :(
By Mollee
Theres Levels To This Shit
Trying to sarcastically tell someone how complicated a situation is. Usually over- exaggerated something such as this... multiple levels my nigga u cant even fathom it.

Gotta go to the DMV today... Theres levels to this shit.

Gotta clean my aunts asshole... Theres levels to this shit.

Gotta go to a funeral... Theres levels to this shit.

Just fucked a fish... Theres levels to this shit.
By Dido
Theres A Hog In My Pants

Guy 1: Oh boy, theres a hog in my pants!
Guy 2: oh its cindy isnt it?
Guy 1: Yup!
By Katharyn
Theres A Hog In My Pants

1st person: hey Guys wats up?
2nd person: theres a hog in my pants!
1st person: was it that girl over there?
2nd person: Ya dude!
1st person: Nasty! xD
By Kelsi
Theres Never Not Not Nuttin
theres never not not nuttin is an inside joke from jacksfilms from his series Your Grammar sucks (YGS),Originated on YGS 10 as a songs

Jack: Theres never not not nuttin
Brock:What The Fuck are you trying to say?
By Felipa
Theres A Body In My Basement
congratulations you have mastered life! Now you know how to hide a body. YAY!! If you killed this person for someone you are a Yandere

By Daisie