Define Think You Meaning

Think You
What you text instead "thank you" when you want to make it clear that you're saying it in the high-pitched, nasally voice of a snobby white girl/queen bee who thrives off the pain of others and does NOT appreciate being told no.

Pronounced with the "th" sound of the word "the," often accompanied with a fake teethless smile and an eye roll.

"Yo beast u got that Spanish homework??!?"

"Not for you dude

"Katie, ummm, can you please like shut the eff up about Jared?! I'm so done with all ur drama. Mmmkay girl?"

"I mean he's been hitting me this is seriou-"

"K think you!!
By Prue
Think You Douche-it-all
A person who tries to diss on something that he/she knows nothing about.

Rego: You play Magic! Man that game is so gay and for nerds!

Jeremy: Fuck off! You know nothing of the game. You're a fucking think you douche-it-all.
By Monica
Thinking Of You
what you text to the person who is the object of your masturbation fantasies as you are masturbating. Text usually sent first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Hi Honey. "thinking of you " right now. wish you were here !
By Jaime
So You Think You Loud?
A phrase said to somebody who has a nice stereo system, such as a 12in subwoofer or larger system. Used to compliment them in a sarcastic way, intended to cause laughter.

Person1: Dang bro, i was bangin on the way to school today
Person 2: So you think you loud?
Person 1: Haha, Nahhh
By Felicdad
A disorder common among llamas and red heads involving the acts of making Kaitlyn think you are and asshole.

Llama: "Dude why are you eating her cup?"
Devin: "I have that disorder Make-Kaitlyn-Think-You-Are-An-Asshole of course, don't you?"
By Jena
So You Think You Can Dance
A show famous for its great dancing and awful music performances.

After hearing terrible performances from Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes and Omarion, I groaned when I received word that Fergie was performing her atrocious new single "London Bridge" on the finale of So You Think You Can Dance.
By Mariejeanne
So You Think You Can Dance
An American reality TV show created by the same producers who brought American Idol that features a series of dance competition to find the best dancer . A surprisingly pleasant and tolerable reality show due to its entertaining and various types of dances, interesting choreographies and of course some very talented and sexy dancers.

Person A: *switches to So You Think You Can Dance*

Person B: Why are you watching this reality junk?

Person A: SYTYCD is actually good...

Person B: Wow...look at that dancer work her body and showing her sexy legs! This may not be so bad after all!
By Tara
So You Think You Can Dance
the best show in the world where amazing dancers do amazing dances and then get voted off until the best is left

maggie: did you see lacey last night on so you think you can dance
lizzie: OMG i think im gonna commit suicide i missed the whole episode
maggie: o well lacey was amazing but ya i would kill myself too if i missed it
By Mandy
So You Think You Can Rape?
A TV show in which convicted rapists are entered into a Big Brother style house. The ultimate goal of the show is to find the best rapist of those interred. They would have weekly competitions such as Most Violent Rapist, Quickest Rapist, Most Loving Rapist, highest amount of 'I'm sorry's' post coitus etc. the winner would be the publics most favoured Rapist. The prize being facial reconstruction and a new identity.

Matty J: Hey Deano, who's your favourite on this awesome show 'So you think you can Rape?'

Deano: Well I was gunning for Fritzl but the new guy Castro has swung it for me!

Matty J: Gaylord!
By Farah
Who Do You Think You Are, The CDC?
A retort to use on Karens who believe "iT's AlL a HoAx"

Karen: IT'S ALL A HOAX!!!!!!!!!!!1!1!111!!!!!ONE!!!!ONE!!!! I'M NEVER GETTING THE VACCINE BECAUSE IT HAS MICROCHIPS IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!11!!!!ONEONEONE!!!!!!!!!
Person with brain cells: Who do you think you are, the CDC? Newsflash: you're not, so shut up, Karen 🙃
By Liz