Define Tidying Meaning

A feeble attempt to slightly clean a area.

"Hey did you just sweep dust under the rug?!"
"Yea thats how you Tidy you idiot"
"OH your tidying...well that explains it"
By Myrtia
Wales, Britain: Used to describe something, someone or some situation that is good or pleasing.

#1 Did you sort out those diamonds?
#2 Yes, here it is.
#1 Tidy as fuck like.
By Kial
An attractive woman (even a scruffy one)

I hate to be the one to break it to you but we all think your sister's tidy...
By Merissa
Welsh/UK slang

(adj): cool, good, nice, sweet

"Yo, dude. The the new Bad Boys II movie is fuckin' tidy, man!"
By Vyky
Tits, Boobs, slang for breasts

That girl hannah has amazing tidis, i want to lick them.
By Hildegarde
Slang for good looking, hot, tasty, cum-tastic, spunk-alicious! Just generally mmmmmmmmmmmm worthy!

Oh my he is tidy! he's so tidy that well offt he is tidy!!!!
By Valaree
When something is good.
When something is even better than good.

" That pizza was actual tidy "
By Sallee
A word to describe someone in love with people named Justin
Originates from the Indonesian language

Oh girl, you're such Tidie!
By Tiffanie
Welsh slang, meaning good, OK, I agree.

By Cindie
The best, sweet, sexy, cool, hot. Used in Australia as the 'new' cool.

That guy is so tidy.
By Jaquenetta