Define Tina Meaning

The most beautiful girl in the world. Tina is super funny and caring and sweet and the most loving person in the whole world. She's the prettiest girl in the room and its impossible not to love her. She can always make you smile and feel better even if you're not worth her time. If someone is ever lucky enough to meet her, they cannot help loving her to death. Her face is almost as beautiful as her heart. She's the most gorgeous girl to ever grace the Earth's surface. The best friend a person could wish for and a girl any guy would be lucky to have, she is the most amazingly beautiful person you will ever meet. Oh and she's hot. If you meet a Tina, latch onto her tight, because every other person is going to be wanting to do the same.

Billy: I just met the most amazing girl!
Caterpillar: Is her name Tina?
Billy: Yeah! You know her!
Caterpillar: I wish I knew a Tina. They're the most beautiful girls in the world.
By Estella

Did you meet tina at the club yesterday?
By Ralina
she has very big boobs and very accident prone and has nice legs

Harold: "Hey Jasper, that girl's a real Tina."
Jasper: "I know, she's going to be my wife."
By Lela
amazing,sexist,most amazing girl ever,big boobs and butt,
always happy, gets guys(:
daughter of god.

man i wish i was a tina
By Loraine
Someone who will take your breath away
T is for the way you take my breath away
I is for I like it when you take my breath away
N is for Nobody else takes my breath away
A is for Asthma, a disease that takes people's breath away

By Hatti
TINA is an abbreviation for "There Is No Alternative". It was a slogan often used by the Conservative British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The phrase was used to signify Thatcher's claim that the market economy is the only system that works, and that debate about this is over.

Thatcher claimed end of the history by her TINA policy to signify the free market economy.
By Valentia
A street name for crystal methamphetamine. Term is used primarily within the homosexual community and derives its name from "Christina," an alliterative nickname for crystal meth.

Hey girl, I've been up all night cleaning my house and having anonymous sex with men after snorting some tina earlier.
By Connie
likes to make out in front of bars; will school you in a game of pool at the bar

also all-around awesome chick

Me: hey, I made out with a girl in front of a bar last night.

Friend: was her name Tina?

Me: yes! how'd you know?
By Alessandra

By Irita
A girl who is very insecure and has a short temper

Tina ,Nice to talk to but can be a bitch
By Tomi