Define To Do Meaning

Do The Do

By Latashia
A brand of cough sweets produced in the 1980s. Excessive consumption caused effects similar to those of speed.

And you're standing at the chemist in Boots
Coughing up your guts like you're at deaths door
All this for a packet of Do-Dos
By Berti
Do Do
an abbreviation of indo which is slang for marijuana

im finna go pick up some do do
By Tawsha
Do Do
Do do aint slang for marijuana it's a type of dro(hydro)

Nigga1:Ay Homie! can you get that do do?
Nigga2:yea $20 a g.
By Galina
Doing The Do
It means having oral, anal, or regular sex.

stacy: why are katie and mark taking so long to get the movies out of the basement?

kristen: i guarantee theyre doing the do down there.
By Arlette
Do Do
what comes out of your butt after you eat food also known as Feces

By Fae
The Do
Top secret codeword for sex. Derived from the term "Doing It" as used in a sexual way, The Do is the whole idea surrounding the sexual act committed after it has been done.

"Yeah, my boyfriend and I are getting pretty serious."
"Oh, I see. Have you done The Do yet?"
By Dierdre
Doing It

John and Jane are doing it in the bedroom.
By Brigid
Do It To It

"Are we going to fight this bear or what?"
"Let's do it to it."
By Berta
Do The Do Do
You know, it's one of those times when its really dark in the room and you THINK you're aiming for the vigina but it goes in somewhere else. If she doesn't like it up the booty hole try this approach. :)

Person A: My girlfriend is HOT but she doesn't like it in the booty hole.
Person B: Say man, do the do do.
Person A: Ahh snap yo, its flawless!
Person B: Works every time :)
By Angelita