Define To Tommy Meaning

completely and utterly discombobulated following excessive alcohol consumption, may be combined with crawling on the floor, barfing in your bed, or stealing stuff for no good reason

Man he was so tommied that he puked in the bushes!
By Tybie
A guy who takes a lot of work to break down to find the real him. Whenever you see him you want him inside of you and every time he texts first a huge smile comes across your face. His looks make your heart skip a beat and you're always caught staring at him. He can be the best person to go to with a problem or the biggest jackass on Earth. He knows everything about you and you know all his secrets. Sometimes he'll be there for you but often gets caught up with his reputation. The sexiest guy ever.

-OMG stop staring at him!
-I'm sorry but Tommy is so hot!
By Ellyn
He is usually a great person, attractive and to die for. He is just amazing and everyone loves him. He has girls around him all the time just because he is just amazing. Everyone loves him. He makes you feel better when your down and he will talk to you about anything. He is very understanding and very over prospective.

Tommy is amazing and all mine.
By Liana
Tommie is an extremely loving and caring person, to whom you can talk to about anything. He could be one of the nicest and smartest people you ever meet. Some one by the name of tommie will most likely have brown or black hair and a dak color in their eyes. If you ever meet a tommie you will most likely become friends with and/or fall in love with them.

Tommie, you are such a kind and gentle person.
By Raine
The boy who your mom is begging for you to date. Heโ€™s the type of guy that seems like he doesnt care, but when you get closer to him, hes incredibly kind, caring, and quite often selfless. He is incredible in bed, and has an extremely large penis. He is destined to be successful and has a very big heart.

Hell yes i would date him. Hes such a Tommy.
By Natalie
Tommy is the best friend anyone could ask for. He's super loving and will always make you smile, no matter how bad your day was. He's seriously one of the best things to ever happen to a person and one of the sweetest people on the planet-- everyone loves him! Take care of your Tommy! He will always be there for you. Tommy has fabulous eyebrows, can make ANYONE swoon with his singing voice, and is an awesome artist. But be warned, if you ever hurt/talk bad about him, his totally badass bff will hunt you down with the fury of a thousand suns. He's such a cinnamon roll!

Person 1: oh my god Tommy is the best person ever!
Person 2: I know right! He's so awesome
Person 3: You talking about Tommy? Man, I love him
Person 4: He's such a pushover. Kinda stupid
Totally badass bff: *appears* What. Did. You. Just. Say. About. My. Babe
By Evaleen
Tommy is a cool fucking guy all the girls want him heโ€™s a lucky guy only the bad bitches can get with tommy

Tommy be mobbin
By Adriena
A guy who is always incredibly hot. All the girls fall for him. He's sexy and all girls just love him to death. He loves to take off his shirt. He thinks highly of himself and thinks he has no flaws. He maybe like a jerk at points but has his soft sides. He may not have good manners at points but he makes up for it. He's great at sports and has a love for many. Sweet, charming guy, with a nice personality. Sometimes says the wrong things on accident but will do just about anything to make you smile. He's just an amazing guy overall. He makes you believe in love at first sight the first time you set eyes on him. He can calm you down in any situation. Loves to make people laugh. All girl mom's want girls to date a Tommy. They all think he's perfect in every way. He's an amazing lover and is sweet and kind and really just everything combined.

Can Tommy be more perfect then he already is?

Woah! Look at that Tommy play sports he's beast

I'm so lucky to be dating Tommy

I wanna date a Tommy.
By Gaylene
One of the best people you will ever meet! Sweet, funny, hot/handsome at the same time, athletic, amazing body, one of the funnest people you will ever meet, all-around perfect. If you are dating a tommy, you are one of the luckiest people in the world. Tommy always knows how to cheer you up, and will always be there for you to talk to. Great listener, amazing kisser, awesome in bed. I love my Tommy (:

"Damn, Tommy is looking pretty fine today"
"Yea, too bad his girlfriend is with him... I wish he was MY boyfriend."
By Kial
Tommy is a great person who will do anything to make you smile and will put you out of your baddest moods. He is the sweetest person you will meet and knows how to treat a girl right. He holds back too much but he shouldn't. He has a great set of eyes and great sense of humour but most his jokes are dead. Overall he is great in bed and has a large penis๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ on a serious note tommy is a real cutie and will do anything for me.

Tommy is peng (dnt get gassed)
By Rhody