Define Tom Meaning

a very sexy man with huge dick and balls omg like huge very big.

girl: dam good sex with tom
By Kariotta
a short way of saying tomcat (n. a sexually active male with multiple female partners, v. to seek out new female partners)

i was chillin with that tom, jerry. that mutha gets more pussy than he can shake a stick at.
By Ardath
A man who is trying to create evil minions by brainwashing they via myspace. Why exactly he needs millions of minions I havn't exactly figured out. If you have a myspace delete tom before its too late!

Tom might be using his minions to kill xanga, blogspot, and other such sited.
By Joli

By Caprice
A shorthand for "tomorrow." Used because tomorrow is a bitch to spell and is way longer than it should be.

"Hey, aren't you supposed to meet that girl today?"
"No, dog. I meet her tom."
"Hell yah man, totally do her."
- A normal conversation

"Tom, tom, tom, tom only a day away!"
- Sound of Music

"The Day After Tom"
- A shorthand for the movie "The Day After Tomorrow"
By Darcy
Slang for the word tomorrow. Usually used in text messages and online chat.

By Rebeka
Very nice and sweet person that sad on the inside but is beautiful nice caring loving and is most likely to get cheated on but ....... IF YOU HAVE A PERSON NAMED TOM AS YOUR BEST FRIEND OR BOYFRIEND THEN KEEP HIM THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS WORLD BETTER THEN HIM !!!!!!

Hey I love you Tom you are the best person alive
By Fawnia
is a dollar store discount isle version of taylor swift. also semi autistic

man tom is such a discount taylor swift is my best friend so i can say this shit about him
By Lind
Cockney rhyming slang for jewellery, preferably something classy and not a sovereign ring.

Abbreviated from tomfoolery.

That's a nice bit of tom you've got there, luv!
By Idaline
a kid that knows too much about minecraft

By Gratiana