Define Tonight Meaning

The best word you could ever add to a metal song.

By Chrissy
Tonight, Tonight
One of The Smashing Pumpkin's best songs. Part of the album Alternative rock album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. The song is mostly known for its wacky music video based on a short film titled "A trip to the moon"

Some of Tonight, Tonight's amazing lyrics

"Time is never time at all, you can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth"
By Lyn
Not Tonight
Used in response to booty calls, unwanted plans, favors you don’t want to do, an excuse that’s not an excuse to sleep

“Wanna come over and suck my sweaty balls?”
“Nah, not tonight”
By Talyah
Anytime in the current day where the sun sets until the sun rises on the next day.

Bryan: Is midnight still considered tonight?
Patrick: Yes. Yes it is.
By Laurena
to label a girl as a tramp; to class as acceptable for a one night stand

"That girl aint hot but she is tonightable"
By Gerti
Tonight's Like
When you write " what's good for tonight " on Facebook and everybody starts liking it but nobody comments and writes what's happening.

I wonder what's going on tonight, but I don't want to ask through Facebook cause I know I'll just get a bunch of Tonight's Like's.
By Bree
Bombshell Tonight
The phrase Nancy Grace uses to add a sense of urgency to every mundane detail that comes out about whatever criminal case she's been droning on about

Nancy Grace: Bombshell tonight!!! Casey Anthony paints her toe-nails in the Orange County Jail. To discuss this, here's three nobodies and a TV judge in four separate panels!
By Nannette
Today Tonight
An Australian current affairs program aired on Channel 7 for people who like to see the latest goss of Dancing With the Stars and weight loss stories.

I was watching Today Tonight tonight, they unsurprisingly had yet another story on weight loss.
By Lil
Ms. Tonight
A female you are going to hook up with, who has very little chance of it going any further.

She is right for tonight. A slump buster. One night stand.

"Noelle, Lauren, Karen, Gina all already left!"

Not my 1,2,3,4 or 5th choice. I guess -------- will due. Looks like she is Ms. Tonight.
By Carlota
Today Tonight
A show which is shown on channel 7 in Australia. Basically, its end goals are to make children, teenagers and the unemployed feel bad about themselves, and to make the middle class Australian angry about such things.

Today Tonight, get fucked you sensationalist pigs!
By Barbie