Define Toothpaste Meaning


"Mum, why dont we have any toothpaste in the fridge?"
By Vannie
A caviteys worst nightmare.

You cant imitate yourself. You already are.

By Brynna
A man's cum that is in his partner's mouth.

I hope she likes the toothpaste tonight, if not I hope to have a cherry sundae.
By Rhianna
Squeezing a penis to coax out residual semen after an ejaculation.

Bitch wipe my nuts clean and don't forget to toothpaste.
By Onida
when your bra is too small and your nipple slips out a little almost like when toothpaste is being squirted out of the tube

ashley you have toothpaste
By Glen
a substance people put on their pimples to help the pimple process

- We have no more toothpaste :o ... what am I going to do? I have a huge pimple on my head and I am going out tonight
By Debby
Toothpaste is a game when two or more people go into separate rooms and masturbate. Who ever cums first shouts "toothpaste" and wins the game.

You can also text your friends to let them know that wherever they are, whatever they are doing. You were winning at toothpaste.

"John just sent me a text."

"What does it say?"


By Dolli
Cocaine. Used by Shoestring of the Dayton Family in the track "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" from the F.B.I. album.

So if you ever wanna buck, nigga put it up
You got that toothpaste in yo safe and I'm a hit it up
By Laverna
When you have brushed your teeth and therefore something tastes weird.

Guy1: want some orange juice?
Guy2: nah man, i'm too toothpasted right now, it'll taste like shit
By Amalee
the act of rubbing toothpaste on your nipples in order to get high

John: hey man wanna smoke some weed?

Tim: nah I got a better idea, have you ever tried toothpasting??

John: no dude wtf is that

Tim: it's fucknig awesome
By Selene