Define Tragic Meaning

used to describe a person who lacks any sort of self-awareness or conception of how others perceive them; often characterized as woefully oblivious to their gaping flaws, which prevent them from achieving others’ respect or appreciation. A tragic person (see: trag) typically engages in behaviors that they wrongfully believe to be iconic, while most external parties find these antics cringe-inducing and/or trite. To refer to someone as “tragic” is an all-encompassing derision that asserts a person’s utter lack of redeemable qualities, coalesced by physical unattractiveness, dullness, incompetence, ill temper, social ineptitude, and idiocy.

Person 1: Did you see what he posted?

Person 2: Unfortunately, yes. He is so tragic.
By Theresina

my life is fucking tragic
By Elysha
when something is bad, sometimes very bad, sometimes very very bad, sometimes very very very bad

yo man that shit is tragic, i mean that is so BAD, thats some cold shit
By Hester
something that is so fucked up that using the word "sad" is out of place...

Its tragic that my girlfriend left me for my brother
By Liuka

It was a tragic day for America when the Supreme Court inadvertently declared George W. Bush as President.
By Amy
1. adj. something deeply upsetting/terrible
2. something that looks rather worse-for-where

1. that accident was tragic.
2. that shoe looks a bit tragic doesnt it?
By Valentine
1. really bad fashion sense, not in style, sad and no effort or without funds

2. when someone gets hit or gets something they deserve though

mean girl: did you see the girl at the counter? Nobody wears torn leggings anymore gah
friend: sad attempt at goth, purse and eyeliner tragic

girl: lololllll !! Brandi left her bf and called him scrubs, now he is dating Beyoncé

other girl: ha, tragic
By Jobina
1) of or relating to a total FUBAR or SNAFU
1B) of or relating to a protagonist's critical flaw that causes his downfall; commonly used in Greek Tragedy
2) adj.; Craptastic; screwed-over;

1) The Titanic was a tragic failure; just like the British to make the best ship on the planet and lose it two weeks later.
2)Odysseus' tragic flaw was the fact that he was the wrong person in the wrong position in the wrong place at the wrong time and that the gods hated his ass.
2)My life has been one tragic stumble since I lost the presidential election in 2000.
By Clarisse

having elements of tragedy, mournful, calamity-level event.

So I'm walking home and there's this chick on the corner that says she'll suck my dick off for 10 bucks.

Tragically, I only had 5 dollars.
By Lida
Catastrophic, devoid of hope, without possibility of redemption.


1. Melodramatically to make light of a minor misfortune, or a catastrophe that you don't think others will take seriously.

2. As a dismissive insult aimed at a person or object.

3. As an exclamation of incredulity. Similar to "Oh my god!", "No way!", "What does he think he's doing?", but perhaps most akin to "I can't bear to look", said while jostling for the best view.

1. It's tragic, I'm out of green lipstick!
2. That dress is tragic.
3. That nerd is really going to ask a cheerleader out - tragic!
By Agathe