Define Translation Meaning

Turning a thing understandable to one group of people to a thing understandable to another.

You quero taco bell! translated as
This is a stupid advertisement!
By La Verne
word used to insult someone's ignorance.

Bob: "where'd you get your license!!?"
Tom: "translate this asshole! (putting up rude finger)
By Trina

Susan didn't disappear. She was translated
By Anselma
To have a revelatory experience, that doesn't involve the actual interpretation of languages.

By Sari
When a man wears a condom while receiving oral sex.

I met up with Cinnamon from the club and she gave me translated oral.
By Dian
use of a condom whether vaginal or anal sex

We speak multiple languages including greek and always with a with a translator
By Mehetabel
Urban Translator
One who creates fake definitions of words and ends up getting one of the top definitions for their creativity and comedy with the definition. Similar to an Urbanizer.

Person: His twisted definition got top 3!
Person 2: Yeah he's an Urban Translator

who will probably end up ruining this
site by hiding definitions completely.
By Nikki
Google Translator
The language tools provided on the google website for translating foreign languages. Has the innate ability to turn even the most coherent sentence into a pile of festering illiterate shit

Before GT
"You rescued me, but it appears that general grievous has escaped again"

After GT
"It stored it, but this one appears like this one, consequently which has it fuoriuscito the painful General per other hour"
By Ema
Google Translator
Google's free service to produce random sentences in the language of your choosing. Google translator is intended for the usage of business professionals who need to generate placeholder text in different languages.

Before Google Translator: Hello, how are you?
After Google Translator: Hello and I am you are I are?
By Ivy
Google Translate
1). A translator system. Used to communicate of understand other languages.

Automatically doing useless foreign language homework for many kids across the world. All you have to do is type a paragraph of your own language.

Booby: Dude, I used google translate for my french homework and got an A+!!

Kipsy: Nice man, I'm gonna do it.
By Barry