Define Trash Meaning

when you are so in love with this guy, he’s beautiful, talented you dream about him, he’s like the king of everything you ever wanted and he makes you think you have a chance oh wow

the women he wants and gets with

narrator: he could be with any one he wanted, including the princess herself yet he arrived alone

audience: he wants trash
narrator: ...then the princess arrived glowing with gems and dripping with beauty and the possibility of love
audience: go home he wants trash
By Elysee
you for looking this up on the urban dictonary and wasting your fucking time. Good job hope it was worth it.

You:im fucking trash
Me:i know
By Lissy
A term that identifies something or someone as lacking in talent, usefulness, or pleasure, mostly used as an insult towards white people.

This game is trash!
By Nerissa
a term for a person who is dirty and stupid. often the same as whitetrash, but any race can be trash

That kid poncho is a retarded peice of trash
By Reeva
Something to be used and discarded. An object that is treated such as trash. Junk, crap, shit. Basically anything that is worth nothing.

Why do broads treat me like trash? Do i deserve it?
By Kaia

me: I'm so trash
By Kerrill

By Grier
90% of the words i made

a lot of my words are trash and cringe
By Claudetta

damn, he's trash.
By Katusha

guy 1: ur crap
guy 2: ur trash
By Darci