Define Travis Meaning

Sexy, Cute, and an amazing sweet talker. Caring, and Makes everyone feel loved. Makes good grades, and works to make his goals. Knows how to make you feel cared, and how to make you even tear up out of happiness. He knows best

That was so sweet, Like a Travis.

He looks so sexy, such a Travis.
By Eimile
The best friend ever and wants to show you all the cool stuff

Hey can we play a game
Yeah sure let's ask Travis
By Lauryn
the hottest guy you will ever meet, he is so awesome that i fit all of the things about him and if you mess with Travis than boy you better run

"wow see that guy hes so a Travis"
By Amil
hottest guy ever!!!! usually used for sexual pleasure, but not in this case.

By Cortney
Hmm. What is a Travis. He has curly hair and big brown eyes. He hates his smile even though it's perfect. He is determined and independent and very stubborn. He is the quiet observer to people that don't know him, but he is hysterical and silly to those that do. He has a kind heart and an old soul. He is always willing to help someone in need and is an amazing person inside and out. He is a beautiful person and I will love him forever and always. To the moon and back because he is Travis.

Travis is a locked secret unless YOU have the key. :)
By Selene
a little hottie who says he's shy but is as loud as a jet. Travis' also listen. Travis' are great guys who you should get in with

Travis: hey
You: im home alone and freaking out
Travis: ill come over
You: okie dokie
By Cristen
wastes at pretty much anything and is usually used for sexual pleasure.
and smeone who is a master in bed

oh man he was being such a travis yesterday
By Moria

april: omg did you see that travis!
steph: yeah totally do-able...!
By Winne
Travis- slang for travioso, meaning slut of man whore in spanish. Guy who gets around alot, or tries to sleep with alot of girl. not a casanova, doesn't mind swinging the other way.

did you hear about that guy who fingered that girl in the elevator, hes such a travis.
By Sisile
He is really nice. He can make conversation with anyone . He knows how to grab tits and ass, real good. He is all over girls and girls find him hot, sexy, and attractive. He really knows how to flirt and if you ever meet a Travis never let him go because even though he may be a little dirty minded, he is smart and will make the best life decisions. Once you find a Travis MARRY HIM! I swear it will be the best thing that will ever happen to you.

me: do you like Travis?
pretty girl: yes, he's sooo hot
By Darsie