Define Trivial Meaning

A term misused by neckbeard IT people as a synonym for 'simple'.

But Joe, writing a query to get you that data is trivial!
By Kate
There are at least two usages of "trivial". One is to describe answers, and the other is to describe questions/tasks.

Answers: A trivial answer is something which is either immediately self-evident or which conveys no information.

Questions/Tasks: A trivial question can perhaps be defined as something for which either the answer or the method of finding the answer is known by the person asked the question.

Answers: When asked to describe yourself, a nontrivial answer would be, "My name is Joe Schmoe. I'm 5'10" and weigh 170 lbs." A trivial answer would be, "I'm a human. I know English."

Questions/Tasks: In mathematics, computing the values of integrals is a trivial task, (even though it can be hard), because the methods for computing integrals are known.
By Gray
used in mathematics to mean "this is obvious, so I won't waste space writing up the proof here."

Claim: P \neq NP
Proof: Trivial
By Loria
Trivialities are all the not very important things in life that we are put through to question in our life. But when it all comes down to it, they don't really matter.

Who cares a hundred years from now? Who'll remember all the players? Who'll remember all the clowns? What are you going to do and what does this life really mean? Well, when it all comes down..we're just cycling trivialities.
By Rita
A tier 4 player that got an ego after joining Arma. Only past-facs are Honor, Toronto, and Arma. Thinks they're good at prac, and will fold anyone in a game of Minesweeper or BTD Battles.

That trivialize guy just quickied. What a loser.
By Lani
Someone who acts irresponsibly or with stupidity.

dude1: what the hell/s he doing?
dude2: ahh, what a fecking trivial
dude1: right on
By Phylis
Trivial Matters
Trivial Matters: Things in life that have almost no value. A lot of people care too much about these things and some use these matters against others to boost their self esteem.

Mary: Karla misspelled you're on Facebook. That means she is stupid and I am better than her.
Amy: You should not judge people on trivial matters. She is probably very smart in her own way and that could have been a typo. It's Facebook! Chill out and stop caring about stupid stuff.
By Imogene
Non-Trivial is sometimes used by engineers / scientist to (jokingly?) describe the extremely difficult problems that they are faced with.

Some Non-Trivial problems.

The Mechanism Behind High-Temperature Superconductors
Earthquake Predicting
What Is Dark Matter?
Build this suspension bridge out of string and Duct-tape.
By Galina
Trivial Disinformation
Feeding bad information or faulty logic to the opposing team when playing Trivial Pursuit in an effort to steer the team toward the wrong answer. Especially effective when done under the guise of lending a helpful hand.

Johnny's encyclopedic knowledge of geography and sports history, combined with the expertly-disguised stream of trivial disinformation that he gave the enemy, won the game for us tonight.
By Isobel
Trivial Pursuit
A wicked board game of question and answer. Now comes in 1st edition and Twentieth Century Edition

Forget Monopoly. I'm in the mood for something more challenging, like Trivial Pursuit!
By Binnie