Define True Meaning

Used in response to any phrase.
Whether to clarify a statement, agree, avoid a subject or make someone shut the fuck up.

Ex. 1 - To clarify
Rob: I smoked an ounce the other day.

Jake: True?
Rob: True.

Ex. 2 - To agree.
Joey: Monica is so fine.
Troy: True

Ex. 3 - To avoid a subject.
Mom - You should start your homework soon.
Son: True

Ex. 4 - To make someone shut the fuck up
David: Yo. Did the vape come in yet?
Brad: True
By Adela
Can pretty much be used to answer anything. Sometimes it meant to agree/disagree/sarcastically answer something.

Friend 1 - I gotta new bike today!
Friend 2 - True.

Friend 1 - I gotta go visit my dad's foster mom in jail today.
Friend2 - True...

Friend 1 - I don't wanna go to the mall today.
Friend 2 - True.
By Shani
A way to agree with someone or say you're right.

Joe: man i'm broke as a joke
Tim: yea but you're getting paid next week
Joe: true
By Gwennie
1. agreeing with a statement
2. showing interest in something
3. being fine with something

"dude you are a fatass"

"yeaa im about to go out to McDonalds or somethin
"ohh truue?"

"so, are you friends with that new kid?"
"yeaa he's pretty tight"
By Jonell
another way of answering yes to a question

Aye young you goin' to the club tonight?
True. I'll be there.

By Karoline
used by every long island bitch. they use it to answer every question.
and sometimes...they use it when a question isn't even being asked!

dumb hoes.

"are you going to get your nails done again?"

"i have soo much homework to do."
By Perl

"Olde english really don't need, but in case my trues wanna get drunk"- Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony
By Max
A small hip-hop oriented store located on Haight street in San Francisco. They sell shoes in one shop and overpriced clothes in the other. You should go there.

"I'm not hatin, but that shit's expensive."
By Tiena
1.) to speak the truth
2.) A human male who resembles the mutant humans in "I Am Legend", normally speaks out of turn and cracks not funny jokes, and then laughs at himself. Likes to harass girls, and do weird things that no one thinks is funny at all.

Dude, don't be a true, that joke was so fucking corny.
By Zaria
adj. having the characteristics of being extremely manly, american, and/or tough

dude kevin's ford 5.4 v8 f350 is such a fucking true vehicle

muscle cars, beer, tits, boats, tools, guns, knives, football, porn, spicy food, etc are all true man interests
By Carol-Jean