Define Tryna Meaning

An extremely versatile word used by the lazy man to express one of the following: "trying to", "trying the", or "trying a". According to legend, this word has been used in countless text messages, resulting in exorbitant anger felt by significant others.

Boyfriend (we'll just call him Peter): Sorry, babe, I was tryna last longer but couldn't handle the pressure.
Girlfriend (we'll just call her Julia): *sigh* It's fine, Peter. Maybe next month.

Peter: Sorry again about last night. :sadpuppyemoji: I was really tryna please you, but I guess my best wasn't good nuff.
Julia: I said IT'S FINE. Also, it's spelled "TRYING TO" - not "TRYNA"! Stop being so damn lazy!
Peter: Hey babe, I'm tryna best I can! I was even thinkin bout tryna kale salad next week, so we could have something in common!
Julia: Well I've been 'tryna' get you out of my house for over a year now, and that hasn't worked. I'm not getting my hopes up.

By Cherice

I'm tryna find it.
By Francene
trying to
as in trying to get somthing acomplished
when said correctly the Y is held

-whats goin on?
-just tryna get my yam on. you knooowww
-yeah fo sho
-she's a ho
-fo shoooo

By Dusty
Trying to.

Spoken out loud often, but only ever written down by the extremely lazy or the extremely eager to be percieved as ghetto.

Leave me alone! I'm tryna do my homework!
By Ingrid

By Sabrina
V. to make an attempt at a female specimen with the finest of features, usually to get inside her pants.
N. A woman who is of the highest quality; one who is sought after.

"Tryna do ya"

"Yo man did you see that tryna that just got off the train?"
By Hedwiga

i was tryna get in dem drawls...
By Lacy
Slang for 'trying to'.

"Yo, you tryna chill tomorrow?"
By Genevieve
Making a half-assed effort; usually, an attempt not to do something while pretending that you’re trying to do it

Girlfriend: Pull out or I might get pregnant.
Boyfriend: I’m tryna, baby, but it’s just too good.
By Lu
Versatile word that could have multiple meanings that lead to multiple outcomes depending on the time of day or how its used.
Generally 9 am-5 Pm means "lunch?" "Gym?" "Chill?" after 5pm means "smash?" "Gym?" "Drink?" "Yet?" "embrace the point of no return?"

Before 5 Pm
Justin: tryna?
Joseph: ill be at the gym in 10
After 10
Justin: tryna?
Kim: I already popped two of fem thangs yeah I'm tryna
By Doralia