Define Tupac Meaning

Good Rapper. in fact, the best. im saying this and im not even into rap.

I would say Tupac is dead, get the hell over it, but then again kurt cobain is dead and i wouldnt want yall coming and posting he is dead, get over it.
By Shaylynn
one of da greatest rappers who ever lived. He didnt let anyone get him down no matter how hard they tried. He was one of da truest gangstas around. He was shot in 1996 and died on Friday the 13th, they still haven't found his murderers, and there r thoughts he is and lives in south america.

Tupac was one of the realist niggas ever 2 live
By La Verne
He was a beautiful person,witha great heart,a nd a great mind frame.He was gifted way beyond his years.A legend reguardless of what the haterz think.He will never be forgotten,nor will his work/and way of life.

A ghetto prince, a definition of tupac.
A beatiful person,definition of tupac.
A black angel, a definition of tupac
By Elvira
When two of an item are packaged together in a store.

"I'm going to get a tupac of deodorant. Do you want anything?"
By Ella
tupac was and still to this day is the biggest rap icon in the world and although he is not with us in the flesh he lives on through his music and lyrics which after nearly a decade still influence people in tha african-american and other calutures lives and actions... so until the day i die i look up to him

tupac is a thug angel
By Niki
Tupac was the best of the best rappers. He cared for all, including his rival Biggie. You don't know Tupac until you have listened to one of his songs. Once you have, you won't hear anything better. He was very thankful to God, and definitly loved his mom and his siblings. He died on september 17th at 4:03 pm when he was shot 7 times. People still beleive he is alive and hiding from the world cuz he doesn't want fame anymore.

Rest in peace 2Pac.
-Why am I dying to live, if I'm just living to die-
By Keely
a great warrior
a great rap
a great soul

thuglife bitch...........................
By Fayth
A clever man who had the ability to write good ltrics about the problems in his community and be quite poetic and then fucks it up by making songs about how cool it is being a gangster and how he is going to shoot biggie smalls.
Had alot of talent and would use it but would fit into a gangsta image and idolise gang crime in some of his songs but quite blatantly didn't have the same passion in his lyrics as his good stuff. A hypocrite but had a good heart and often meant well.

"it aint about black or white cuz were human, i hope we see the light before its ruined."- good

"You wanna fuck with us
You Little young ass mutha-fuckas"- fuckin crap

Tupac did actually die.
By Lulu
the best fuckin rapper ever in history.
true poet, sed it how it woz
he stud up 4 what he believed was ryte
people who say that all he rapped about was gun violence and bitches well they need 2 really listen 2 his music and they will see that he talked bout real life issues. alwayz in my heart

And still I see no changes can't a brother get a little peace
It's war on the streets & the war in the Middle East
Instead of war on poverty they got a war on drugs
so the police can bother me

tupac* the best

only god can judge me
By Kakalina
The only rapper to actually ever care about the black community as a whole. As shown in his song "Changes" he wants the blacks to rise up above all the violence and bigotry. Oh, and not to mention he's the greatest rapper of all time who's words give you a great feeling.

"I made a G today"
"Yea but u made it in a sleezy way, selling crack to a kid"
"Hey, I gotta get paid"
By Allison