Define Turnout Meaning

how many people showed up i.e., to a party

I didn't expect all of these people to show up, we've got a good turnout
By Brenda
An "Old School" Biker term, now, with the advent of HIV-AIDS, Herp-C and other incurable and fatal STD's, nearly defunct, refering to a slut that will fuck all dudes at a party or run who want tha pussy & don't mind sloppy seconds(or fifths, tenths, twentyeths, or whatever)

I still hardly believe that cunt turnout fucked every Brother in tha Club!
By Carroll
To have a have a successfull emptying of the bowels through the rectum.

I say Betty, I had a great turnout on 't' pot today.
By Pam
A right fucking naughty meet. All the boys local pub/club loads of booze and party products...

Fuck me boys this is a right Fucking turnout! call on the oats and barley we're cracking on
By Lilla
A bitchfemalethat suk n fuk u n yo crew.

A yo twenty had that bitch suckin and fuckn all da homies. She TURNOUT for da whole crew.
By Sissie
Kappa Turnout
It's the result of douchy frat-boy behaviour.

After fumping her he told her she was ugly. The kto ( kappa turnout) was real bad. She had a proper Britney moment and shaved her head.
By Rubie
Burnout Turnout
The variable number of freaks, deadbeats, beardos, and weirdos at a given event.

There was a high Burnout Turnout at the theatre. It was really chill.
By Kirbie
Tibetan Turnout
A dump usually swiftly followed by a mega fart, then you bend down and touch your toes

Oh my! Jerry done a tibetan turnout last night and it stunk the whole room out
By Agneta
The Great American Turnout
The reason why more asian women are dating black american men post-obama.

Gong Li: Obama Good Luck Brand!

Dooku: The Great American Turnout has Begun. It may be difficult to secure your release from Manila.
By Rayna