Define Twitter Meaning

The new replacement for the walls of a public toilet. A place to write one's thoughts, often while sitting on a toilet, hoping the public will read them.

After I was suspended from school for graffiti I found this twitter thing.
By Murial
a website where gaggles of morons and bitchy teenagers argue about politics or tea on a regular basis.

without all that, it's just a website of fangirls and average people talking about literally anything.
overall, it's a fucking mess.

some guy: do you use twitter?
some other guy: oh yeah, i use it.
some guy: that website is a mess.
some other guy: agreed, that why i only use it to post pictures of leonardo decaprio, twitter kinda sucks
By Gerladina

im going to go on twitter to see what joe jonas is up to. then i can tweet to him my thoughts. hopefully he'll read it.
By Daisie
n. - the facebook "status" bar...without the rest of facebook.

v. - to waste your, my, and everyone else's time with dumbass updates that NO ONE needs to know, nor would EVER care to know.

"hey guys, i'm brushing my teeth and i didn't even have to boot up my computer to tell you! fuck yeah!"

"i farted. it was warm. it made me smile. :}"

" eating a cookie. now i can sleep well at night knowing you know this!!11!1!"

" on twitter...and i don't know what to say. PEACE, LOVE, AND TWITTER!"
By Bride
A social networking site that's perfect for stalking people with ease.

Ever since I made a Twitter account, that creepy, middle aged
man seems to be everywhere I go.
By Torrie
(v.) - to follow.

As Twitter is basically a site for following people to see their tweets, it can be said that to twitter is to follow.

-The man in the white van was hardcore twittering the little kids in the park, waiting for his chance to strike.

-I'm trying to twitter your story, but sheesh, you're talking to fast.

-I was going to go on Twitter to twitter your tweets but some twats tweet-blocked me.
By Barrie
1. a facility for bird-brains to get 15 secs of fame.
2. things I really didn't need to know about your habits
3. a more useful personal tracking method than GPS
4. a very public form of personal chat
5. the lasting productions of a twit
6. a good way to become dooced

tweet tweet tweet, i fink, twee twee tweet, peanut butter, tweet tweet, just now, tweet, again, tweet, yeah really, tweet, here on twitter
By Christan

person on twitter #1 ; noo! you can't say the r word even though your neurodivergent!!
person on twitter #2 ; haha facts go brrrrrr!
By Roxi

Rick: Do you use Twitter?
Dave: Why would I, I have a Facebook.
Rick: Sounds reasonable.
By Sharron
I think that Lewis Black said it best, "Where do you get the massive ego to think that anybody gives a shit what you're doing

Retarded Person: I'm gonna go on twitter
Normal Person takes out a double barreled shotgun and rids the world of another huge ego
By Gratiana