Define Ultimately Meaning

Finally ; in the end / At most basic level

He is their father and he is ultimately responsible
By Bernelle
The Ultimate
The sexual act when both a penis and the testicals are inserted into the vagina

Damn, she was so loose I achieved the ultimate with ease!
By Nicky
As in ultimate frisbee- the game that is the sport that is rock.

Wanna go play ultimate?

Yes, I do want go play ultimate, for it is the sport that is rock.
By Danica
The Ultimator
N. Slang term overconfident males might use to describe their penis.

Jonny: Hey Rachel, are you ready for a visit from the ultimator?
Rachel: Maybe if i get my microscope.
By Gabrielle
It is the highest of the high, the best, and the unreachable position. Therefore, it is absolute; the ending; final.

Here's an example quote from
"Life’s an intricate puzzle. Every piece has its place. Everything happens for a reason. God, our creator, is the ultimate mastermind" --KL
By Velma
Finally ; in the end / at most basic level

He is their father and he is ultimately responsible
By Leontine
The Ultimate.
A rare breed that travels among the humans, blending into their society by taking on their appearance. Many people consider Chuck Norris to be one of the Ultimates, but he cannot even compare to an Ultimate. An Ultimate is what created the Titans, which created the Gods. An Ultimate can ignite the polar ice-caps Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door, but an Ultimate can slam Chuck Norris. An Ultimate knows all the names of the people in Anonymous. An Ultimate beats all the worlds records in the first hour of his day....everyday.

An Ultimate bleeds liquefied diamond. An Ultimate rolls his eyes at the phrase "Rome wasn't built in a day", as if that's something difficult for an Ultimate to do.

The Ultimate are not born through the womb of a human. Their origin is unknown, one can only know when an Ultimate is coming when they see a shooting star.

One of the religious icons known as Jesus Christ is famous for walking on water; little does the religious group know that Jesus learned it from an Ultimate.

Adamantium is the closest thing that the human race can think of that is almost comparable to being as strong as an Ultimates skeleton.

An Ultimate can freeze the sun and breathe in open space, we are the top dog, we are all seeing, you may be king of the hill, but we ARE the hill, and we can break in half at any moment, swallowing you and crushing you instantly; we are the elite race, we are the strongest breed, we are amazing, we are immortal. We are.....Ultimate.

Example 1:

The person: *watching dragonball z* WOW! Goku's such a beast!!! how does someone get slammed in a mountain 50 times, shot by beams of incinerating raw energy, and struck in all vital bodypoints by thousands of pounds of pressure and still survive????

The Ultimate.: It's not that hard...

Example 2

The person: Did you hear their evacuating the country? A tornado the size of Texas is expected to destroy it all to dust?

The Ultimate: *gets hang glider*
Example 3

The person: Damnit this email gave my computer a virus! Now I gotta pay a hundred dollars to geeksquad!

The Ultimate: *opens the email on his computer, causing the creator of the virus to spontaneously combust*
By Mag
1. A romance between two Ultimate Frisbee players.

2. Often involves exchanges of Birkenstocks as presents, romantic moonlit granola dinners, and engagement in protests against mega-corporations while holding hands.

We met at the Ultimate Frisbee tournament, and after we discussed how much we both liked Obama, we started an Ultimance.
By Millisent
The Ultimate
'The ultimate' is the ultimate state of boredom where you decide to do all the letters forwards and backwards, then go diagonal backwards and forwards, then numbers forwards and backwards. Like so, qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiuytrewqplokmijnuhbygvtfcrdxeszwaqwaeszrdxtfcygvuhbijnokmpl1234567890987654321

Asha: *sigh* im sooo bored
Starts to do 'the ultimate' on her laptop in class.
By Netty
Attention or effort toward the ultimate good, concern for the well-being of the world

Just as we have the ability to run scenarios in our minds before making a decision, we humans are able to forecast the ultimate consequences of our choices and actions. Our forecasts may not be accurate. But we can and do adjust our behavior based on a concern for each other, for succeeding generations, and for our planet.

Some call this form of ultimate concern spirituality, even though spirits don't exist. Others label it altruism, even though other species display similar behaviors. A better term for this uniquely human trait is Ultimativity.

One of the values my partner shares with me is a strong ultimativity.

My ultimativity movtivates me to campaign against human-induced climate change.
By Denyse